What is autoimmune disease? its symptoms effect and remedies 


What is autoimmune disease? its symptoms effect and remedies 

There are many types of diseases which affect both men and women, and the symptoms of these diseases and the effects on the body can often vary. Some diseases include general symptoms such as mild fever, fatigue or weaknesses. Similarly, autoimmune disease also comes in front of some symptoms in which symptoms occur. In some people, these symptoms are very common in autoimmune disease, but in many people it has been observed that the effects of symptoms begin to be very serious.

The autoimmune disease is a problem in which the diseases begin to behave against the body and begin to shock itself on the tissues of the body. The autoimmune disease comes out with different types of symptoms and behavior, some of which can be easily identified while others do not. It can cause more than one type of disease at the same time.

Symptoms of autoimmune disease 

Hair loss on the face and head
Hair loss in other parts of the body
Red rash in wrists and knees
Blood clots in the veins and arteries
Joint pain
Stomach disturbances and
Lever increase
Whiteness in eyes
Yellowing in skin colour

Diabetes type 1 is also one of the symptoms of autoimmune disease, which is caused by a stroke on cells that produce insulin. It can also easily damage our nerves, kidneys and gums. In addition to the diseases and problems of the heart, such other symptoms are common in this disease,

Blurred eyes
Dry skin
Weight loss
Frequent urination
Tingling in the feet


Graves-autoimmune disease

It affects body thyroid. Because of this the level of thyroid becomes very high. It comes with some such symptoms, such as,

Lack of people
to sweat
Sleep problem
Sensitivity to heat

 Guillain batree autoimmune disease 
People with this disease have an impact on those nerves which are associated with the spinal cord and brain. When the brain transmits information to the body through the veins, then it is very difficult to get it through the information.

Symptoms of guillain batrree auto immune disease

Feet weakness and tingling

Impact of autoimmune disease on women in women (Effects of autoimmune disease on women)
The effect of autoimmune disease is severe on women. Due to this there is a problem in focusing which is more visible in women than men.Women with this disease can have many types of infectious diseases. The feeling of pain in the body is also a common thing. With the effect of autoimmune disease, there is an imbalance of hormones in the body of women.

Home remedies for autoimmune disease 

Sprouted seeds

Sprouted grains should be used for domestic remedies for autoimmune diseases in women in which linseed granules and sia seed are the most beneficial. They have the ability to destroy abundant fiber and harmful bacteria.

Bone broth
The use of soup or juice made from hawks for the treatment of autoimmune disease is a good choice now, amino acids and collagen have a lot of amounts.

Fermented vegetables or fermented vegetables
Use of fermented or fermented food or vegetables gives relief to women. It corrects the pH level in the large intestine.