Warning Signs of Heart Attack and Few Tips to Lower the  Risk of a Heart Attack


Few Tips to Lower the  Risk of a Heart Attack

The heart attack in the medical language  is called infarction (myocardial infarction) or sharp infarction (acute myocardial infarction) . The heart attack occurs when the blood circulation in the heart shuts down properly and the muscles do not have the necessary oxygen as they stop working properly. Before heart attack, there are a number of warning signs that you can detect properly by identifying it.

Warning Signs of Heart Attack

The following are signs of the most common heart attack for both women and men –

Sudden chest pain (Sudden ct Pain) : You can have a sudden pain in the chest or left side before a heart attack. Mostly this pain lasts for a few minutes and then goes, after a while it becomes painful to start again. You may experience chest pressure (pressure), squeeze (squeezing) and fullness. Often people understand the problem of heartburn or indigestion.
Feel discomfort or discomfort in the top of the body (Discomfort in Upper body parts): You may experience pain or discomfort in the upper body of your flesh, such as pain in hand, back, shoulder, neck, jaw or other upper body part.
A sigh of breathlessness or inhalation (shortness of Breath): Your breath can swell before a heart attack and you may feel trouble breathing. This problem may occur in the chest pain.

Dizziness (dizziness) : If you’re circling repeatedly in front of the eyes, go to the doctor immediately because this heart attack can be a starting symptom.

Cold sweating (Cold sweat) : You can smell cold without causing a heart attack.

There are other early signs of heart coming – feel fatigued, nausea, vomiting , feeling restless, worrying or fear of dying and feeling a common feeling of being unhealthy.

That heart attack symptoms can be different in every person. The symptoms are so different that many people do not realize that a heart attack is going to come.
Additionally, women have a much lower chance of having chest pain before heart attack, most other symptoms like abnormal fatigue, abdominal problems such as indigestion or indigestion, shoulders, backache, etc.

Heart attack cause (Risk deciding of Heart Attack)

People who have a problem below or are more likely to have a heart attack –

Battle Age (Aging)
Smoking (Smoking’low)
Lipid levels to be abnormal (abnormal blood level of certain lipids)
Diabetic (Diabetes)
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Reducing exercise or physical activity (Lack of intake activity)
Obesity (Obesity)
Long-term kidney disease (Chronic kidney discoloration)
Excessive intake of alcohol (excessive alcohol slows)
Using cocaine and amphetamines

Tips to prevent heart attack possibility

A heart attack or a heart attack is a very deadly problem. But you can reduce the possibility of some preventive measures (existed). Here are some effective preventive measures to reduce the chances of a tour.

1. Stay informed (stay Informed)
Keeping a ignorance towards your health increases the chances of a heart disease or other problem. Therefore, the best way to stop a heart attack is to keep complete information about it and be vigilant.
Some risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, lack of physical like (e.g. laziness), smoking, stress etc., can reduce the possibility of a heart attack by controls.
Also, if you have any health jars, consult the Doctor and keep in mind the things. Consume the medicine according to the rules of the doctor.

Over time, there are new cures and medicine for treating every disease, so be aware of it. Also, always prepare a cart and driver on your home so that the heart attack can be immediately moved to the doctor in case of arrival.

2. Don’t smoke (Stop smoking’low)
Smoking or other tobacco intake increases the possibility of having a heart disease. According to a report in Journal Atherosclerosis in 2009, the heart patient if they quit smoking, the process of quick fix is significantly increased and the possibility of a heart attack is greatly reduced.
Tobacco has harmaphul chemicals that inflict blood sales, which consequently affect the functioning of the heart and the blood vessels. In addition, smoking also increases the possibility of having pulmonary disease (Lung’aho discoloration), peripheral vascular disease (peripheral vascular discoloration) and stroke.
Any problems related to a heart or lungs are a non-smoking fix. So if you smoke, just leave it today.

3. Intake of diets beneficial to the heart (follow a Heart-Healthy Diet)
Eating a diet beneficial to the heart reduces the chances of a heart attack. Even with proper food intake, you can avoid any kind of heart jars. Intake of nutrients containing foods that contain vitamins, minerals, fibre and other nutrients, and calories are low.

Daily consume at least 5 types of vegetables and 2 types of fruits.
Eat high fiber grains at your breakfast.
Consume more foods containing grains, legumes and whole grains and do not eat more fat foods.
At least twice a week, eat cold-water fish such as sailman (salmon) and tuna (tuna).
Don’t eat high-fat and high-sugar substances and reduce salt intake.
Use of health cooking oil such as Olive (l’olive), sunflower (sunflower) and safflower (safflower) oils.
Consume a boiled meal instead of a highly fried roast.


4. Do regular exercise (Exercise Daily)
Doing regular exercise keeps the blood in the right and reduces the chances of a heart attack coming. So as much as you eksarasaij, your heart will be health.
Regular Eksarasaijs have many benefits for heart, such as obesity, blood pressure and high cholesterol. You can keep your heart healthy for at least 30 minutes every day by jogging, swimming, jogging, yoga etc.

5. Keep control of obesity (maintain Healthy Body Weight)
High cholesterol, high blood pressure and insulin resistance are significantly increased when the body is thicker, especially if you have more fat in the waist. All these problems cause heart disease.
You can estimate your obesity Napakar your body BMI. BMI Health between 18.5 and 25. If your BMI is above 30, you are a victim of obesity.
Also, men who have a waist of over 40 inches and the waist of women, which is greater than 35 inches, are obese.
If you are already a victim of obesity, take measures to reduce obesity. Slow down the weight loss process, and avoid excessive dieting. You can also take expert’s advice.

6. Reduce stress or depression (Control Your stress Level)
According to a study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh in 2014, there has been a bad impact on the cause of stress, anxiety and depression, and the chances of heart attack coming. Because of stress, negative emotions are cytokines in the mind, which increases the amount of chemical compounds called cytokines (in the body). Cytokines are pro-inphlametri chemicals that increase the chances of having a heart disease.
Also, people with stress are often addiction to other bad habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake and irregular catering.
If you have stress or depression, then find out the cause and try to avoyd more and more of the cause. The best way to prevent negative emotions in your mind is to keep yourself more and more busy and make regular yoga and meditation.

7. Take full sleep
Lack of sleep has a bad effect on the whole body’s health. People who have no sleep problems or are flourishes breathing repeatedly, are likely to have increased lungs and choroidal inflict. Consequently, the heart attack, high blood pressure and konjestiv the possibility of a heart fell.
Most adult people are required to sleep 6 to 8 hours.
You can make some simple ways to improve your sleep, like creating a fixed time table of gold, not eating caffeine (tea, coffee, etc.) before bedtime, making regular exercise, yoga and meditation. If you still have trouble with sleep, make proper checks from your doctor.