Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain Home Remedies

Pain in the teeth is a very painful problem which causes unbearable pain around teeth and snout. The most salient causes of toothache are-cavity, infection, opening of teeth roots, tooth breaking, disease of gums, tooth loose or jaw nations’joint disorder disease.
Pain in the tooth occurs when the inner part of the teeth, also called pulp, can be swollen or infection. Pulp contains many nerves so it is a very sensitive part.
If you have pain in the teeth, first find out the right cause by checking your teeth with the dentist. The recommendation can also be used to treat toothache.

1. Black Pepper and salt
Black pepper and salt mixtures contain anti-bacterial, anti-Inphlemetari and analgesic  properties that help in eliminating the sensitiviti of teeth.
Mix the black pepper and salt in equal amounts.
Now add a little water in the paste.
Now attach the paste to your teeth and gums.
Do this treatment daily for a few days.

2. The Onion
Onions contain antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. It provides comfort in toothache by eliminating germs born from Inphekshan.
Chabaen some onion pieces whenever there is pain in your teeth.
If you cannot chewing it, press and hold it in the gums.

3. Clove
The cloves contain anti-inphlemetari, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and Anesthetik properties that lower the pain of the teeth and F5 from the Inphekshan.
Grind two cloves. Now mix the little olive oil or other vegetable oil. Now put it in your teeth.
Or, soak the pieces of a rui in clove oil to the roots of the gums and teeth.

4. Garlic
Using garlic can also heal the pain of the teeth. Garlic has a number of antibiotic properties, with many more medical properties which help in alleviating pain.

Grind a garlic piece and put a little dented salt on top. Now take it on your aching teeth. You can also chewing it.
Do this treatment every day for a week.

5. Asafetida
If the discomfort of any kind of teeth such as pain or blood in the gums is the use of asafoetida is very beneficial.

Nimbuu two teaspoons of 1/2 tsp of asafoetida in juice, warm the powder in a light mix. Now soak the pieces of a rui in your teeth and gums. In toothache it will give you instant relief.
Or, add a pinch of asafoetida in a spoon to the aching place.

6. Warm water of salt
Using salt in warm water is also to get rid of the toothache.
Put a glass of 1/2 teaspoon salt in warm water. Now rinse with this water.

This will remove the inflammation and inphlemeshan of the gums and eliminate the bacteria that inphekshans.

7. Guava leaves
Guava leaves are anti-inphlemetari, analgesic and anti-microbial properties that help to reduce toothache.
Chabaen the leaves of two three fresh guavas. Swallow the juices that emanate from it, but be kept in the mouth for a while, so that it can get a full advantage. You can also chewing the raw spinach leaves.
Or, boil four-five guava leaves in water. Mix a little bit of salt when you go cold. Now rinse with this water or mouth.

8. Vanilla Extract
Vanilla extract is also a very prevalent treatment for reducing the pain of the teeth as it contains the qualities to kill the pain. It also has a demulcent effect on the teeth.
Soak the pieces of a Rui in vanilla extract and suppress them in your teeth.
Do this three to four times a day.

9. Pieces of ice
The snow provides relief in pain by numbing the nerves (nerves).

Pluck a small ice piece into the cloth. Now place it on the cheeks beside your tooth ache. Do this for a few minutes.

Note – Do not put the pieces of ice directly on the teeth or gums. If the nerves of your teeth are open, do not use ice as the pain and will.