Symptoms of hypothyroidism (hormone deficiency)


Symptoms of hypothyroidism (hormone deficiency)


Symptoms of thyroid hormone deficiency are subtle. Its symptoms can slowly appear in months or years. Symptoms of aging and the symptoms of hormonal deficiency may be similar. Therefore, there is a possibility of a mistake in recognizing. The symptoms are clear when the problem increases.
Due to metabolism affecting the body, there is adverse effect. Sometimes the symptoms are very low and is not able to know. Detected by only blood tests. The symptoms of this hormone deficiency are as follows:
Stale hair or hair fall more

-> Skin rigidity

->The nail is broken

-> Light yellowness in the skin

-> Keep the skin cool

-> Do not bear the cold

-> Sleep more

-> feeling tired and weak

-> Constipation

– Lack of memory

-> lack of concentration

-> Extra or irregular bleeding that may occur from 5 to 7 days.

-> Swelling of the throat,

-> Weight 4 – Up to 5 kg,

– >Swelling on the face and hands, especially around the eyes,

-> sore throat ,

-> Muscular pain and cramps

-> Increasing cholesterol