Symptoms of hyperthyroidism (excess of hormone)


Symptoms of hyperthyroidism (excess of hormone)

Metabolic rate increases due to excessive secretion of thyroid hormone. Cells become more active than normal and the opposite effects begin to feel in the body.

The main features of this include –

->  More sweating,

-> Do not tolerate heat,

-> Increasing heart rate,

-> Diarrhea,

-> Weight loss,

-> Vibration in the hands,

-> Eyes turned out and look great,

-> Worrying worrying,

-> Feeling pain or misery in the eyes

-> irregular menstruation

– >Increasing blood pressure

-> Too much hunger

-> Being restless ,

-> Itching,

-> Having difficulty sleeping,

-> Menstruation-like emergence of men ‘

If due to thyroid dizziness, breathing trouble, unconsciousness, heart beat too much, etc., then immediately Should contact the doctor.