Symptoms & Causes of Constipation in Children

Symptoms & Causes of Constipation in Children

Often, the habit of irritability is seen in newborn babies due to constipation. However, his habit is permissible because he can not speak anything by speaking. There are times when his mother does not get the milk still observes the problem of constipation often newborn Shishuo to feed observes the problem, artificial milk.
Your child is crying because of constipation? So in these 5 ways do the rescue

1.Keeps away from constipation
A common way to relieve constipation in children, you can change the scheduled feeding time and baby formula little should be fed in small amounts repeatedly during the whole day.

2.This is the way
If you are feeding the baby from Formula then add extra bottle of water to her food which will give her relief in constipation because she will obstruct the quantity of water in her meal.

3.Food and drink
This thing is not for infants, but this is applicable to children who are slightly older and who can eat stiff food, raw pears, which have very high levels of resin and help in dealing with constipation. And you can also use millet instead of rice because there is less constipation than millet.

4.Take a shower

By feeding the child in the tub or sink, filling up the water above the stomach of the child can also help the child. Massage the baby’s stomach inside hot water also stimulates the intestines of the child and becomes easy to stool, due to which it provides relief from constipation.

5.Easy prescriptions
If these easy-to-use home remedies are not able to remove the complaint of constipation in the child, then the child’s pediatrician will surely get it. Children may also be correct with glycerin suppository, liquid glycerin and flax seed oil. Fighting constipation in newborn babies can be painful for parents, but there are many easy and effective ways to fight it.