Remedies for leg pains & cramps


Home Remedies for leg pains & cramps

Pain or stretch in the legs is probably a health problem that is due to various reasons. People who are suffering from this problem have a strict requirement for treatment. Some people have to take medicines for its treatment but it is not good to consume regular medicines. A good way to avoid all kinds of pain and cramps in the body and to various parts of the body is their home remedies. Some simple remedies at home are very useful in keeping you away from leg pains & cramps.


People have to face various types of foot pain and these are quite different from each other. Due to pain in the feet and symptoms can vary in every person. Some pain is not too serious and does not require much care. But there are many such pain, which are very painful and their medicines are not fully cured. If you are suffering from acute numbness and pain, you can use some home remedies.

Yoga for leg pain 

Natural pain can be found in any kind of pain in the body by yoga. As a natural remedy for leg pain, yoga and asana are an effective remedy that provides you with long-term comfort. The first and the simplest seat for foot pain is Padmasana. It provides comfort to the whole body with legs. To overcome the pain, Vyotsottanasana, Dandasana, Setu Bandhasana and Uttanasana etc. are very beneficial. Make a mess with them too.

Natural remedies for pains and strains of feet 

Treat the foot pain, ice or freezing pack on the place where there is pain in the feet. The snow relaxes the place by numbing it.

Putting lukewarm water on your feet while bathing will a\\ctually bring relief.

Drink plenty of water and consume nutritious fruits, which contain calcium and potassium ingredients.
For the treatment of leg pain, it is also advisable to exercise the feet, which will improve your leg’s pain by increasing blood circulation in your body.

Mix turmeric powder, lemon juice and salt and make a smooth paste. Apply this coating on the affected area. It will give you relief from pain immediately and will end the pain of the feet.

Avoid shoes or slippers with high heels, there is a possibility of falling from them and do not sit in the same way.
Regular massage your feet, it will definitely help to remove the pain of your feet.

Protect your feet from the cold and choose clothes that do not open your feet in the cold days.

Heat and cold application to treat foot pain

You can put hot and cold water in order on the painful part of your feet, which will ease the stressed muscles. Treatment of leg pain, you can do it in many ways, such as immersing towels in hot water and apply to stressed muscle. You can take a lukewarm water or steam bath on your stressed muscle. You can also relax by putting ice.

The cause of foot pain is the muscle stretching :-

Before going to normal body procedures everyday, it will be important to stretch the muscles. If you get stretched in the foot while sleeping at night, it would be better if you practice muscle pulling. This will not tie you in the leg muscles.

Treatment of leg pain (hydration)
Keep moisture in the body by taking fluid water at regular intervals. You should also take juicy fruit or juice juice with 8 glasses of water. Sometimes due to lack of water you are complaining of muscle twinge or pain. Treating foot pain, taking enough fluid will cause less tension in your muscles and will give relief.

Foot Pain Medicine : Sodium is a lot rich in tonic water

You can make sodium-rich water at home only with natural natural products. Grind some yellow mustard and mix one spoon of it in a glass of water and add two teaspoons of honey to it. It is a very surprising mineral supplement that will keep your muscles free of pain.

Electric heating pad for cramps in feet

There was a time when people used hot water on the pads and used them again and kept away from all kinds of pain by putting them on the body. As a remedy for foot cramps and foot pain, nowadays there is an electric hot pad available in the market, which helps in treating the pain of the pain of the home.

Turmeric home remedy

As we all know that turmeric has many types of medicinal properties, with the help of which many diseases are cured. It works miraculously even to repair the pain and stiffness of the feet. Because turmeric is rich in antioxidant, so it has the ability to remove all the impurities in the body. Home remedies for turmeric also give you the benefit of its antioxidant properties.

Epsom salt home remedy
This is a fairly common but quite effective method to remove foot pain. Even if you have got a sprain on your feet, the method of appamine salt will be of great use. Take a hot water in a vessel and mix some teaspoons of epsom salt in it. Now keep your feet dipped in this water for 10 minutes and feel comfortable.

Tart cherry juice

There are many people who have to work hard all day long. It causes inflammation of their feet and also causes great pain in them. Instead of going to a doctor and using medicines and surgery, it is more beneficial to use home remedies. Prepared Tart Cherry Juice is a great way to treat the pain and stiffness of the feet. Treatment of foot pain starts affecting this easy way.

Natural remedies by turmeric 

Turmeric is part of our daily diet which is used for color flavor and odor but there is a special reason why turmeric is used in  food. The special reason is the medicinal properties of turmeric. Irritation and painkiller properties are found in turmeric, hence the use of turmeric on ordinary burns or injury etc. has been an ancient tradition. Use turmeric in your diet as much as possible Mixing turmeric in milk also provides relief in pain.