Mouth ulcer treatment


Mouth ulcer treatment

It is very common to have ulcers in the mouth. There may be many reasons for having blisters in the mouth, which is the reason for the use of more spicy, excessive spices, or more tarted food. The blisters in the mouth become on the tongue, the inner part of the cheek or lips, but if it is not treated during the time, then it can become a cause of trouble.
Let’s learn how to get rid of ulcers .Take these measures for the blister

* Boil neem leaves. Garlic must be done by putting four to five drops of garlic juice in it.

* Even acne from the chest, but the mouth ulcers are cured.

Chew slowly in the mouth for a short while by taking 5-5 leaves of jasmine and guava. Take out the water after a while. Like this
Even the mouth ulcers are cured.
* Mix a pinch of flour in the decoction of mulasari and mix it. Hole of this mixture brings relief to the mouth ulcers.

* In the bark of the syringe, the alum should be put in the frost.

* Rubbing with the decoction of Acacia bark, mouth ulcers are cured.

* The garlands of Malhali also benefit in the disease.

Clove oil should be applied in the mouth.

* Blend honey on a pan and mix it in some honey. This mixture is three to four in the day on the ulcer
Find the bar. The mouth ulcers will be healed.



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