Low blood pressure can cause problems such as chucking, weakness, anxiety etc.

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Low blood pressure can cause problems such as chucking, weakness, anxiety etc.

Low blood pressure is the pressure that causes pressure to reduce blood flow to the arteries and nerves. Due to this, important senses like the brain, heart and kidneys do not reach oxygen and nutritious substances, which may not work well. This can cause problems such as chucking, weakness, anxiety.

1.Use of Raisins (Kismis)
Use of raisins for low blood pressure is very beneficial. Put 10 gram raisins and 50 grams of gram of gram in 100 grams of water at night in a glass vessel. In the morning, chew with chewing gum and chew it well and drink water. If you can not get the native gram then only take raisins. By using it, blood pressure will become normal.

2.Gooseberries (Amla)
Consumption of amla or marmalade per day, removes low blood pressure. Apart from this, add 10 grams of honey to 2 grams of amla, and after taking it a few days, blood pressure becomes normal.

Use cinnamon to remove low blood pressure complaint. Make a mixture of cinnamon, jatamansi, camphor in equal quantity and mix it with three or three grams of mild warm water in the morning and evening. Your blood pressure will become normal in a few days.

Almond is very beneficial for health, it also eliminates the problem of blood pressure. Give the almonds 3-4 green water in the night and take out the peel in the morning and mix it with 15 grams of butter and sugar candy and eat almonds and kernel, this will make blood pressure normal.

5.Black pepper
Black pepper also removes low blood pressure problem. Drink a little bit of black pepper mixed with salt in 200 grams of tomato juice and it benefits. In high blood pressure, where salt is consumed by the patient, low blood pressure patients benefit from salt intake.

6.Beetroot juice
Use sugar beet juice to maintain low blood pressure. Drinking a beetroot juice twice a day regularly also benefits. If you consume sugar beet juice a week, then low blood pressure will be removed.

Garlic is very beneficial for low blood pressure patients. Regular consumption of garlic also provides relief in the problem of low blood pressure.

8.Honey is beneficial
Not only does honey get rid of many diseases but it also removes low blood pressure problem. Mixing honey with juice of juice is quick to get relief from the lick and the grievance of dizziness due to low blood pressure is also removed.

Mix lemon juice and rock salt in the finely sliced ​​ginger pieces. Before eating it, eating a small quantity of food a day can reduce the blood pressure problem.


10.Use of carrots
Its juice eliminates the problem of low blood pressure. Mix 50 grams of spinach with 200 grams of carrot in the carrot and remove the problem of low blood pressure. Apart from this, this complaint is removed by eating lemon with water or salad etc.



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