Know what are the benefits of 10 minutes sun greetings (Surya Namaskar)


Know what are the benefits of 10 minutes sun greetings (Surya Namaskar)

Surya Namaskar has a good effect on almost all organs of the body. There are many benefits of Surya Namaskar If you start your routine from this, you can enjoy a lot of life while keeping distance from various diseases. Surya Namaskar is enough to do 5 to 10 minutes. To be done in front of the sun, the better the better. If the Surya Namaskar is done from five to twelve times daily, there is no need to perform any other asana.

Learn how to do Surya Namaskar :-

Stand up and join the edges. Keep the claws open. Keep both hands straight with thighs. Then, make the posture of greeting. The elbows with the body, the palms on the diaphragm under the thighs and the thumb heart. Meditation is on the mandatory cycle (between the two eyebrows).

Take both hands above the head and breathe and tune them. The arms are facing the ears, the palms facing towards the front. Now take your hands behind the neck in such a way that the arms should remain attached with the ears. Wait a while for this situation.Meditation should be  on the vishuddhi chakra (throat)

Leaning the hands back, slowly leaning forward while leaving the breath. Move hands right-handed. Put the palms together with the earth, but keep the knees perfectly. Put the knee to the head. Meditation should be  on the Manipura Chakra (Navi).




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