Keep heart healthy naturally by seven simple steps


Keep heart healthy naturally by seven simple steps

As the human being is technologically advanced, it is becoming increasingly afflicted with all kinds of life-style diseases.

And such a dangerous and rapidly growing disease is heart disease. In the past, where these problems were found in older people, it can now be seen in young people and young people.

So today we are telling you seven easy ways to keep your heart healthy. Follow them and stay away from heart diseases and become the owner of a healthy and strong heart.

keep heart healthy naturally by seven simple steps

1.Use Green Tea :

There are  are antioxidants present in green tea that reduce your cholesterol, and they also help in controlling blood pressure.
There are also some elements that kill cancer growing cells.
It also prevents uncommon blood clotting, which is also helpful in stopping the strokes.

2. Use Olive Oil :

Use olive oil to make food.
It is helpful in reducing fat bad LDL cholesterol.
Olive Oil also has antioxidants, which help fight many other diseases.

3. Get enough sleep :

Especially for a person above 4o years, good sleep is very important.
If there is not enough sleep, the stress hormones are released from the body, which block the arteries and cause irritation.

4.Eat a diet containing fiber :

Based on research, it has been proved that the more fiber you eat, the less chances of your heart attack will be less.
Use more beans, soups, and salad.
Sea-food food will be helpful in place of meat.

5.Take fruit juice at breakfast :

Orange Juice contains folic acid which reduces the risk of heart attack.
Grape Juice has flavonoids and resveratrol, which reduces clotting artery blocking.
Most of the juice is good for you. Just keep in mind that they are sugar free.

6. Do Exercise daily:

If you exercise for 20 minutes, then your risk of heart attack is reduced to one-third.
Walking on the walk, doing aerobics or dance classes would be beneficial.

7.Use garlic in the food :

Studies have found that eating garlic reduces blood pressure.
It also reduces cholesterol as well as keeps blood sugar levels in control.
It also increases the immunity of the body.

Friends, if you have some good tips related to the heart, then please share it through comments.