Just wait! Do you also drink tea in the cup of disposable and thermocol


Just wait! Do you also drink tea in the cup of disposable and thermocol

You may have seen in many places that in shops or weddings, people use cups of disposable or thermocol for tea. Especially those who have become accustomed to tea, they do not even go to the stall or to the stall and drink tea in the cup of disposables or thermocol, but you will be surprised to know that drinking tea in daily disposals can prove to be fatal for health.

Actually these cups are made of polystyrene, which is very harmful for health. When you put tea in it, some of its components go into the stomach in the tea, which can lead to cancer.

Stirin present in foam cups can lead to fatigue, lack of focus, irregular hormonal changes, and many other problems. Therefore, never take tea in these cups, let’s know what kind of problems can be there?


Take tea or coffee and even hot water in the cup of  plastic or thermocol can cause rashage in the skin! This is the first sign of any kind of allergic rhinitis or pain in the throat

Stomach Problem
Drinking hot things in it also can stomach problem. They are not completely hygienic and in these hot things it transmits bacteria and germs into the body. 
There is no leakage of liquid from the cup, for which the wax layer is covered. Every time drinking tea in it means that every time Wax goes inside the body and gets accumulated. Because of this, there may be problem of stomach intestines.

The digestive system is affected

Along with their cup of plastic or thermocol, the acid found in them also gets inward and deposits in the intestines. It has an effect on the digestive system.

Damage to pregnant woman

In a plastic cup, chemicals called Metrison, Bisphenol and Bird Ethyl Dexin reach our body, which is very harmful to the body. Children and pregnant women can increase this risk.

Chances of cancer

Drinking tea in the disposable cup, his chemical goes into the stomach. This leads to diarrhea and other serious diseases as well as can lead to cancer diabetes, heart problems and kidney failure. Doctors say that continuous consumption of hot tea in plastic cup increases the risk of kidney and liver cancer.

Use KULHAD (Cup made from Clay)

Plastic or foam glasses are also harmful to the environment along with health. While the Kulhad is completely eco-friendly. As soon as you destroy it, it dissolves in soil in a few days. The nature of pottery is alkaline because of which it reduces the acidic nature of the body. Apart from this, there are many other properties in these clay cups. So you can drink milk, tea or lassi in anything. Be sure to drink tea in Kulhad, both taste and nutrition increases.