How to stop Negative Thoughts by these simple steps?


How to stop Negative Thoughts by these simple steps?

Friends, sometimes it happens that we ourselves become obstacles in the path of happiness or success. And in many cases we do not even know about this. It is a similar obstacle to repeated thoughts of one or many negative thoughts in mind.

For example : If you have thoughts in mind that, “I look crappy”, or, “My husband does not love me.”, Or “I do not know English.”, Or, “My IQ is low” So somewhere this is going to be a hurdle in your personal development

Suppose you have a bad habit of thinking about the same negative thought over and over again. And suppose that there is no expression of that thinking in the real world. That’s just a negative thought, such as “I’m very depressed” or “I hate my job” or “I can not do this” or “I hate my obesity.” How can you get rid of any bad habit He is completely in your mind?

Actually, there are many ways to change negative thinking patterns. The basic idea is to replace the old thinking pattern with the new one. Resisting mentally negative thinking can be reversed – you will make it stronger and the situation will get worse. The more you neurons fire in the same direction, your negative thinking will become as powerful.

Here is a method that I use to break my negative thought patterns. This is basically made by mixing a memory technique called ‘chaining’. This method works very well for me.

Instead of trying to oppose the negative Thought pattern, you change its direction. Think of it as a mental kung fu. Take the energy of negative thinking and turn it towards positive thinking. Whenever you have negative thoughts in your mind with a little mental conditioning, your mind will be divert towards your own positive thought. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs who learn to instill saliva on the bell.

It works like this :

Suppose your negative thought is a subvocalization, meaning you hear a voice from inside which you want to change, such as, “I am idiot” If your negative thought is a sound rather than a mental image (a picture that comes in the mind) or kinesthetic (feeling inwardly), You can still use this process. In many cases, your idea can be a combination of these three too.

Step 1: Turn your negative thought into a mental image.

Listen to that voice and make a picture of it in your mind. For example, if you think that, “I am idiot”, imagine that you are wearing silly clothes and jumping around with a joker hat.People standing around you are showing fingers on your side and you are screaming, “I am idiot” you will see this film as much as you can. You can think of artful colors, plenty of animation, even some sex, if it helps you remember. Keep practicing this scene again and again until you start thinking of negative line from your mind only because of negative thoughts.

If you have trouble portraying that idea, then you can give it a form of voice too. Turn your negative thought into a voice, like a tune that you humming. Imagine composing a sound or follow an image of this picture in either way, both of them will do the work. Well I prefer to imagine a picture.

Step 2: Choose a powerful positive thought to replace that negative thought.

Now decide what you want to replace negative thinking to choose which positive thought. Like if you keep thinking that “I am idiot,” then you probably would like to replace him, “I’m brilliant.” Choose a thinking that empowers you in something that weakens the effect of that negative thought.

Step 3: Now switch your positive thought into a mental image

Once again, make a mental image for your positive thought just like Step 1. For example, in the thinking “brilliant in”, you can imagine yourself standing like a superman with two hands on the waist. And you can imagine that a bulb is burning on your head right away. is. The bulb is shining with a very bright light, and you are screaming loudly, “I am bbbbrrrrrilllliannnnttt!”. Keep practicing it until you get a positive line thinking that positive mental image of your imagination started coming from your mind.

Step 4: Now add both the mental images together.

Paste both of your mind into the first image you have thought of in Step 1 and Step 3. This is used in the memory technique called trick chaining. In it you first convert the picture to another. I suggest you do this as an animated movie. In this, you have an idea of ​​the negative picture and lasting picture, just to fill a small animation in between.

For example, in the first scene, someone throws a light bulb on your idiot version. And you catch that bulb, and when you hold it, the bulb starts to grow, and it gives you such a strong light that people surrounded you will be shocked Are there. Then you tear your silly clothes and throw them and appear in the shining white clothes. You stand with full confidence like Superman and yell loudly, “”.”I am bbbbrrrrrillllliannnnttt!” And then those people sit on their knees and start worshiping you. Once again, the more you think about it, the better it will be. Increasing thinking will help you remember the scene because our brain is designed to remember unusual things.

Once you have completed the whole scene, then repeat it later in your mind so that speed can come. Keep imagining this scene from beginning to end until you complete the whole scene in 2 minutes, ideally in 1 minute. It should be fast, faster than the real world.

Step 5: Test.

Now you have to test your mental redirect whether it is working or not. This is like HTML redirect to a great extent – when you input an old negative URL, then your brain redirects it to the automatic positive. As soon as you get into the mind of negative thought, positive thinking should come to your mind immediately. If you have done this properly, then it will start automatically. Negative thought The entire scene of the whole will rotate in your mind as soon as you come to mind. So whenever you think that, “I am idiot”, even if you are not completely aware that you are thinking like this, you will finally find yourself thinking that, “I am brilliant”

If you have not done such visualization before, then you will take some time to do all this. Will come with speed practice. Once the practice is done, all things will be done in seconds. For the first time things will be slow, do not be discouraged by it. Like any other skill, it can also be learned, and perhaps for the first time you may find it something strange.

I suggest that you experiment with different types of imagination. You will find some ideas right from the rest. Association Vs. Pay special attention to dissociation. When you are associated with a scene, you will see it decreasing with your eyes (i.e. first person perspective). When you are dissociated, you will imagine seeing yourself in that scene (i.e. third person perspective). Generally, I find myself dissociating best results. Your results can be different.

I have done quite a lot of mental conditioning like this in the beginning of the 1994s. Whenever I used to bother about such negative thinking, I used to choose it and change its direction. In a few days, I reprogramed dozens of negative thought patterns, and in a few days negative thoughts for my mind Or it became difficult to produce emotion Any such thinking would be redirected towards positive thinking. Maybe to some extent that I was completely confident in starting my business immediately after leaving college.I used to change my self-doubt related thoughts in can-do mindset through mental conditioning. In college days, I used it a lot, and perhaps for this reason I could quickly become a graduate from others. Despite this, I had to face many real-world challenges, but at least I did not fight myself self-doubt at the time. having had.

This kind of mental conditioning helped me a lot in controlling my internal affairs. Today I do this very well that without thinking about it it happens automatically. At some point my subconscious took control of it; So whenever my mind comes to such an idea that, “I can not”, then it automatically gets converted to “How can I?” Actually, when you practice mental conditioning too much, this happens – your subconscious takes control; the contract only happens after the practice of cycling.

Now whenever you feel that you are doing negative thoughts in your mind, then try it. I think you will find it very powerful. And share with those who can benefit from it.