How to increase Height


How to increase Height

According to the data available on the Internet, the average height of men is 5 ft 5 in and women’s 5 ft. Well, whatever the figures say, everyone wants his heights to be good and if the height does not increase over time, then it is natural to have some trouble for it.

 Tips to Increase Height

Highlights have a significant contribution in refining, those whose low is low they want to increase their height a bit more. There is a lack of confidence in lack of heights. Good quality of services like police, modeling and military are important.At times it is believed that the length can increase up to a certain age or the height of the children according to the parent’s height, but if the balanced and nutritious diet, regular exercise of exercise and yoga and proper habits in the lifestyle So we can get the maximum possible height.

1. Improve food / Diet for growing Height 

Balanced and nutritious food is very important for proper growth and length of body. Follow these rules of diet to increase the length –

a) Take plenty of proteins

To increase the length, it is necessary to take rich protein foods. Protein is found abundant in meat, fish, soybean, peanuts, pulses etc.

b) Mineral salts are necessary

Regular consumption of mineral salts such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium is essential for increasing the height. Mineral salts are found in abundance in green vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, curd, buttermilk etc.

c) Take plenty of vitamins

It is very important to have vitamin A, B, C, D and other vitamins in balanced diet in the diet for proper growth and good heat. Regularly eat milk, curd, sprouted cereals, fruits, vegetables etc. for this.

d) Do not be hungry –

Missing hunger or eating time negatively affects the growth of the body. Divide the whole day’s diet in 5-6 times. It improves body’s metabolism. Fat is not accumulated on the body and the chances of growing in length are increased.

2. To Increase the Length Exercise / Exercise for growing Height 

a) Habit of regular exercise and walking

Regular use of 15-20 minutes walking on the morning and exercising is useful in protecting against many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol. It is also beneficial in increasing the body’s growth and height.

b) Jump Rope

Rope jumping not only controls weight. It is also considered to be a very useful exercise to increase the height. Feet, waist, and back muscles are strengthened. There is a pull in the spinal cord, which helps in increasing the length.

c) Do hanging exercise

An iron pipe or wooden stick is tied up to about 7 ft from the ground for this. You can put a thick tree or any hangable part of the house can be used. Exercise for hanging regularly is good exercise of reed bone, stomach, chest and foot muscles. This is a very useful exercise to increase the height. It should be done regularly.

d) Run

Running is the best exercise for the whole body. This keeps weight under control. The bones and flesh muscles of the feet, waist and reed are made stronger. Bones develop. This helps in increasing the length of the body.

e) Swim

Swimming is not only a source of entertainment but also the best exercise of the whole body. This increases blood circulation throughout the body. There is a pull in the entire body muscles. The level of stress is low. The hunger gets accustomed to eat and drinks properly digested. Swimming helps greatly to increase the length.

3. To increase the length Yoga / Yoga for growing Height 

a) Tadasan

Tadasana is considered to be an important posture to increase height. Standing in this seat, putting the palms upward and raising the edges, weighing the whole body is done on the paws of the feet. Through regular practice of Tadasan, the whole body is exercised and muscles of the spinal cord, chest and shoulders stretch. Foot muscles are strong. It helps in increasing the length.

b) Bhujangasan

Laying on the abdomen in this seat, the front portion of the waist is raised and raised. This useful posture for enhancing waist and reed bone exercises and highlights.

c) Pashimottasan

Regular practice of westtoningan is also very useful in increasing the length of the body. In this seat, the feet of the feet are caught by holding on to the ground and bowing further forward. These are very useful postures for waist and back muscles. This leads to the reed bone stretch. It helps in increasing the length.

d) Surya Namaskar

The benefits of Surya Namaska ​​get the whole body. This is a simple and useful posture. Surya Namaskar gets the body Vitamin D which is very necessary for the growth of bones, which helps in increasing the length of the body, muscles and nerves are strong.
These yoga can be learned from a yoga instructor.

4. Ayurvedic Measures to Increase Length

a) Abhang (a kind of massage to increase the height)

Abhayang means that massage of the whole body is very useful for the health of the whole body. For this, sitting in the sunlight in the morning sunlight, the whole body is massaged from herbal oil, almond oil etc. Vitamin D is obtained from the sun’s rays and blood circulation increases through the body.

The muscles are strong and strong. The skin becomes lukewarm and glossy. Bones develop. By which health improves, it also helps in increasing the length.

b) Adopt Ayurvedic Catering and Life Style

The main reason for the increase in length is the human growth hormone located in our body which is formed in the front part of the pituitary gland. Each person’s length is predetermined in us, but we can not achieve our predetermined heights due to not being able to do the whole thing. In Ayurveda, according to the nature, faults, metals etc. of each person, food and lifestyle are determined, which can be useful in improving the health of the whole body, preventing diseases and increasing the heat.

Spatula: Pomegranate powder 5 gm mixed with equal quantity of milk in the evening with milk or in the morning, take a mixture of 250 grams of milk and 250 grams of water and add 5-10 grams of aromatic powder to it. Drink water after drinking water and remaining on the remaining milk.

Amla: Amla can eat as candy or juice. Amla is found in abundance of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus etc. Mineral salts are abundant. Which prove useful in the body’s growth and height.

Similarly, taking care of Ayurveda physicians such as asparagus, balala, guduchi, bone, chain, laksha etc are beneficial for increasing the body’s growth and length.

d) Chemotherapy of Ayurveda

Chemotherapy described in Ayurveda has always been famous for its longevity, health, intellect and proper growth of the body. By taking care of these experienced Ayurvedic doctors, they get the best benefit.

5. Take enough sleep
During sleep, new tissues of body and repair are done. The process of building human growth hormone in deep sleep is stimulated. It is very important to increase the hormone height. Deep sleep reduces stress levels. This helps in the development of the body.

6. Increase immunity power

By decreasing the immunity power, the children and the elderly often get sick, causing the growth of the body to stop. From which we can not achieve our set heights. For this vaccination is necessary since childhood and the chemicals described in Ayurveda with the right diet and lifestyle prove beneficial in improving the immune system of the body.

7. Do not Add to Drugs

Consumption of alcohol, smoking, tobacco etc. is extremely harmful for the health of these people, due to their intake of human growth hormone inhibit the construction, which reduces the speed of the lengthening, so do not consume any type of intoxication.

Friends, by taking these measures you can certainly increase your height to your maximum potential. Just take a few patience while applying these measures. Many times it happens that for some time your height does not increase at all and then suddenly you grow very well in 1 year.

And keep in mind that after all the efforts you will be satisfied with the height you are able to gain because it is not the length of your body which determines the height of your success! Any person of any stature can achieve big success through his hard work and passion, and in fact, he keeps on doing the same!