How To Get Rid of diarrhea


How To Get Rid of diarrhea


Diarrhea occurs when the digestive system does not function properly and is very fast and often starts pooping.
Diarrhea’s most salient causes are – viral infection, bacterial infection, contaminated food or water intake, depression, anxiety and any disease in the intestine such as irritable bowel syndrome disease and if colitis.
During diarrhea, many symptoms appear in the person, such as abdominal pain, flatulence, Michalana and dysentery in the body.

Diarrhea to get rid of early home cures.

1.Drink yogurt during diarrhea : Yogurt has live good bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium which are very beneficial in treating diarrhea. It eliminates the bad diarrhea in the bowels and increase the number of good bacteria.One study, a publisher at the American Medical Association in 2009, found that probiotic foods like yogurt help reduce antibiotic related diarrhea. Everyday only two bowls of yogurt can be found largely comfortably by the intake. Eat a banana with yogurt to get more out of use.

2.Eat ginger to fix food poisining : Ginger is very beneficial in treating food poisning. Also, it provides relief in abdominal pain and creeps. Peel into a small peses of small ginger and mix a teaspoon of honey. Now take a drink. This will increase the discharge of the gastric juices and heal digestion. Do not drink water immediately after its intake.
Or, let the ginger tea be consumed three times a day. Put some ginger pieces in a cup of water to warm for a few minutes. Then wash it and mix the honey to taste. Your ginger tea is ready. Use the powder if fresh ginger is not available.

3.Methi seeds are anti-diarrhoea : Methi seeds have an excessive amount of mucilage, so it is considered to be very beneficial in treating diarrhoea. Mucilage provides quite strong anti-diariel effects.
Methi a teaspoon of the seeds with one teaspoon of yogurt. Do this intake three times a day.
Or, methi a half-half spoon, fry the seeds and cumin seed and drink three teaspoons of yogurt.
Apple’s vinegar does eliminate diarrhoea bacteria
Apple’s vinegar also helps to relieve early diarrhoea. It works like a implementing agent against diarrhoea bacteria.
Drink one teaspoon of a glass of water by mixing the apple vinegar.
Use it three times a day until the diarrhoea is completely cured.

4.RIPE banana : Diarrhoea’s home treatment is also quite advisable, because it contains an excessive amount of pectin content. Pectin is a water soluble fibre which makes Sakharov yellowish to excess water of feces.
In addition, bananas have a potassium of high volume. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps in many important functioning of the body.

Eat two or three ripe bananas until your diarrhoea is completely cured.

5.Chamomile and green tee : Chamomile is a green-tee Antispasmodic (properties) that helps in recovering abdominal pain caused by diarrhea. Also, help reduce the  inflammation of the intestines.
Intake of chamomile or green tee for two to three times a day.

6.White rice : Doctors often recommend diarrhea to eat white rice, because it is easily digested. Also, it reduces the feces.
At the beginning, drink a little plain white rice (these spices or sausages should not be found). As your diarrhoea heals, it is the way to increase its volume.

7.Nigella Oil (Black Seed Oil) : Nigella oils are used in treating many health problems such as gas, abdominal pain, asthma, constipation and diarrhoea.
Mix one teaspoon of Nigella oil into one cup plain yogurt.
Do this intake twice a day until the symptoms of diarrhoea are completely eliminated.

8.Carrot Soup : Carrot soup is a high-bulk food that contains indigestion properties to fix. It is considered beneficial to diarrhea especially in children, because it provides the necessary nutrients.
Dhok, Wash and peel off 500 grams of carrots.
Now add two cups of water and heat it in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes.
Then drain the water and put the Carrot in a bowl.
Mix and eat salt in the taste.
Intake of it daily for a few days.
9.Intake of fluids : Due to diarrhea, the dysentery in the person’s body lacks water. To overcome this limitation, eat plentiful fluids such as water, coconut water, vegetable soup and clear soda (which is not caffeine). You can also consume sports drinks without caffeine.

Do not eat drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Also, do not intake of tomato juices like acidic substances.
The above treatments are considered to be the most effective tips for recovering diarrhea, but depending on the intensity and cause of the person’s diarrhea, they may differ. So even after doing these therapies, you should get a doctor if your situation is not improving.