How to get rid of a headache without medicine


How to get rid of a headache without medicine

Headache are one of the most common problems that every person has to face  in their life. But the good thing is that by adopting home remedies  you can get rid of headaches. Nowadays, every person is suffering from some kind of illness, someone has diabetes, someone is troubled by his obesity.

But all this is a small but problematic problem which is called headache, not only big but also children are worried. There is a child studying in school or the youth who are doing job often complains of headache, so today we will give you Going home remedies for removing headache, so that you can avoid this common but difficult problem.

What is headache?

Headache can be divided mainly into three categories

  1. Headache due to stress
  2. Migraine headaches and
  3. Cluster headache

There may be several causes of headache in which physical changes are due to genetic reasons, excessive smoking excessive consumption of alcohol. There is a number of reasons which can lead to headache due to lack of water in the body.

People often use over the counter medicines to get relief from headaches, but their use is not considered to be good and they have many side effects, to prevent them, you can remove home remedies and prescriptions You can adopt that which is absolutely natural and prepared from the things present in your house and these can also be used to treat the headache quickly and easily.

One of the most common causes of headaches due to lack of water is that you need to drink only one glass of water to remove it and you will lose your headache in just a few minutes. It is effective in correcting the pain. Let’s know the home remedies for removing headaches. Which natural and Ayurvedic things should I use to get relief from headache.

                                                  Home remedies for removing headache

Headache is a word that we are lost in the memories of the last headache, headache gradually increases, and sometimes it becomes unbearable, so that people understand it as a common problem, You understand a part of it but you can treat this problem very easily.

Yes, we are going to tell you some home remedies for removing headaches, with whom you can remove your headache in a few minutes. This remedy is very easy and can be used almost everywhere and the best part is that it is completely natural and safe, so let’s know what the home remedies for removing headaches are.

Headache remedies homemade :-

Ginger for headache

Ginger is considered a simple treatment to remove headache and this is a very effective home remedies to get immediate relief from headache, it helps in reducing inflammation of blood vessels in the head and thus can reduce headache. Stimulates the digestion of your body and suppresses the causes of headache.

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You can use it to remove headache by crushing ginger juice in tea or  mixing it with a small amount of lemon juice and drink it. You can use this tea twice a day At the same time, you can put ginger paste on your forehead, which will give you relief soon.

Another way to use ginger is to mix a teaspoon dried ginger powder with two spoons of water and put it on the forehead for a while, so that your headache will disappear soon.

Peppermint Oil for headache 

Peppermint  oil’s fresh smell is very beneficial in home remedies to cure pain. Paperrum helps in opening blood vessels, due to which headache is produced, it is found in Methhol, which helps in controlling the effect of blood in the body.

Take long breath through the breath of pepper oil, it will give you relief in your headache.

Simultaneously, you prepare a mixture of 3 drops of pepment oil with one spoon of almond oil and mix some water in it and massage the surrounding area of ​​your neck.

To get relief from headache you can also consume mint tea. A herbal tea can be made by adding one teaspoon mint powder in one cup boiling water and mixing it with a small quantity of honey and drink slowly -slowly it will help to  get relief soon.

Tulsi (Basil) is also a home remedies for removing headache

Basil is known to relax the muscles many times. Sometimes stressful muscles cause light headache, which can help you to get relief. Because of the calm and analgesic effect of Basil, the headache gets rid of soon. Tulsi You can use this to eliminate headaches like this.

Boil a cup of boiling water, put three or four basil leaves and boil it on low flame for a few minutes after boiling, add some quantity of honey to it and eat it.

You can also use fresh basil leaves to chew and massage the basil leaves on your forehead too, it also provides relief in headache.

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Home remedies for lavender oil 

To reduce headache, the aroma of lavender oil is considered to be very effective and good remedy. To use it, you have to take some fragrance of lavender oil on your hand and take its fragrance.

In addition, you can take part of the lavender two-three drops in one cup boiling water.

Lemon and hot water for headache

By drinking lukewarm lemon water, you can get rid of the problem of headaches. Mix some straw lemon water in a glass of hot water and drink it. Sometimes a headache due to the gas formed in the stomach, it is very beneficial to eat lemon water to avoid this kind of problem.

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Cloves for home remedies headache

Cloves can be used to reduce headache due to its cold and pain relieving properties. Crush some cloves slowly and put them in a pouch or a clean handkerchief, when you have a headache, smell the crushed cloves, it provides relief from headaches in a few minutes. You can add 2 drops of clove oil to a large spoon of coconut oil and add sea salt and massage it on your forehead.

Drinking more for drinking

For example, the problem of most headaches is due to dehydration (lack of water in the body). Therefore, drinking a glass of cold water in such a situation gives relief immediately. To keep your body hydrated, take at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Keeping feet in hot water for headache

To fix headache, keep your feet immersed in hot water for a while. This will increase the circulation of blood in the legs so that your muscles will get relief. To do this, the time before sleeping will be absolutely appropriate. If this happens to you repeatedly, use this home remedies for at least 3 weeks continuously.

Stretch exercises for headache

By doing some simple stretch exercises that are rotating head and neck, you can avoid headaches, move your chin up and down, left and right, and press your neck towards your shoulders. You can rotate the neck in the opposite direction of the clock and clockwise to give rest to the shoulder and neck muscles.

Yoga to remove headache

Yoga will keep your mind calm, will give rest to your muscles, and will help you move forward in ways that can help you in leaving stress – and if you leave stress, then you are suffering from stress Also, just do some necessary exercises when the pain starts, but the best part is that to prevent the headache from regularly practicing yoga on a regular basis every day. Each day is considered to be accurate to a few minutes of yoga.

In this yoga, you can make breath yoga, due to the lack of oxygen too there is a headache. To avoid this, take long prolonged respiration. The brain will get a lot of fresh oxygen through your blood and in order to relax your mind and body. Will also help

Use hot or cold to remove headache

There are small things in the headache, which are known to trigger headache, both hot and cold treatments have evidence to repair headache, and it has to do with all the muscles and blood vessels. Some headaches, occurring by the extended blood vessel under pressure on the nerves.For these, due to cooling in this area, the ships can be compressed, which provides relief from pain. Other headaches are due to stress and anxiety, in which the use of cold goes to tighten the muscles.

To use hot or cold you need to Cool, such as a bag of frozen peas, a bag of ice or a cold pack.

Acupressure to remove headache 

For years, people have been using acupressure for headache relief. Joining the Valley (L14) Acupressure point is considered effective for relieving headaches. Press and massage the fleshy area between thumb and forefinger, at the highest point of the muscles when both thumbs and fingers are brought together. Do this for a minute or two and then repeat on the other hand. Warning: Do not press this acupressure point during pregnancy.

The Home Remedies for Overcoming Headaches Next time you have a headache, use these natural remedies to get relief from headaches. However, if you have severe and persistent headaches If so, consult a doctor.