How to control diabetes without medicine you must know


How to control diabetes without medicine you must know

Before know How to control diabetes without medicine you must know about causes & symptoms of Diabetes. Diabetes, also called slow death (silent killer).

The number of diabetics worldwide is increasing rapidly, especially in India. The level of glucose in the blood increases more than usual in this disease, and blood cells can not use this sugar. If this level of glucose is continuously formed in the blood, then the body parts begin to harm the adolescent.

Causes of Diabetes –

Drinking bad habits of food and life style such as excessive consumption of sweet and heavy food, excessive consumption of sugar in tea, milk etc., drink more cold drinks and other soft drinks, do not work hard, obesity, stress, smoking, tobacco, Inheritance etc. are the major causes of diabetes.

How to control diabetes without medicine you must know

Diabetes Symptoms –

Frequent urination, excessive thirst, excessive appetite, fatigue even without working, quick recovery of wounds anywhere in the body, and skin repeatedly infections. These are all signs of diabetes.

If some of these symptoms appear continuously then you should check the sugar in the blood. This test is very general and affordable which can be easily done in small labs, for any reason during the day of suspicion of sugar (blood) Sugar-Random) can be checked or repeated if needed, the machine to be checked can be brought home, which is not very expensive.


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How to control diabetes without medicine you must know

Complications of Diabetes –

Before know How to control diabetes without medicine you must know complications of Diabetes. If the diagnosis of diabetes is not known at the time or in spite of continuous negligence in food and lifestyle, and the proper treatment is not done, then the level of sugar increased in the blood in excess of the blood, many parts of the body such as kidney Heart, arteries eyes start to damage the skin and the nervous system and it is too late until the patient is in good health.

How to control diabetes without medicine –

how to control diabetes with diet and exercise

1. Improve food habits- Minimize or not consume sugar and other sweet foods, Eat more bran, dough, green vegetables, except sweet fruits and eat other fruits, eat more than once Instead of taking the food in small intervals, ghee made from oil and eat less fried things , consume wheat, barley and gram.

2.Being physically active – Regular exercise of yoga pranayama, doing morning evening walk in the morning in the morning is very beneficial for sugar control in diabetes and obesity is in control, which is an important cause of diabetes.

3. Avoid Tension, Anxiety Stress – The role of stress in diabetes is very important, do your best to avoid stress. Resolve the causes of stress or tension, yoga, pranayama, meditation and morning walk in the morning helps to control stress.

4. Home Remedies for Diabetes- Some herbs of Ayurveda are very useful in diabetes, they have been consumed for a very long time in diabetes, modern medical science has proved their usefulness in diabetes.

  Dana Fenugreek – 

Dana fenugreek is very useful in diabetes, for this, one or two spoons of Dana fenugreek are soaked in a glass of water in the night; in the morning, after eating chewed chewing fenugreek and consuming fenugreek water or making fenugreek powder or vegetable Can eat.

  Bitter gourd –

Bitter gourd is also very important for diabetes. For this, bitter gourd juice alone or amla mixed with juice can take 100-125 ml of the hungry stomach in the evening in the evening and can also prepare as bitter gourd or as a powder.

Blackberry –
The fruits of Jamun are as good as sweet and sour as it is beneficial in the problem of sugar. For this, the fruits of Blackberry (Jamun) can be eaten in the  season and if the season is not available, then take the kernels of gram in the morning and take it from the hungry stomach.

Vijayasar –

Not only Ayurveda, but also modern medicine is very useful in diabetes, for this Vijayasar is very useful in the glass of glass made of wood of Vicasa, which is filled with water in the night, the hungry stomach in the morning is consumed by drinking this water. The elements that help in the release of insulin secretions in the blood.

Diabetic Detergent Powder –

For this, the powder of Guillay, Gudmar, Kutki, Blackberry kernels, Harda, Chirayata, Amla, Tej Patra, Bahera Neem Patra and other herbs are made in a certain proportion, which is very beneficial in diabetes. Prove it.

The above solutions should be used according to the need, should keep sugar check in time from time to time because the level of sugar in the blood does not decrease.

5. Drugs- If the amount of sugar in the blood is not increased, then the above remedies are available but if the sugar level is high in the blood, then the physician should take the opinion, for this the injection of insulin in allopathy and pills consuming from the mouth etc. Is used in Ayurveda and Basant Kusumakar juice, Shilajit Vati, Chandraprabha Vati, Pure Shilajit and many other medicines. Used These medicines are very beneficial in diabetes but they should be consumed only by the doctor’s opinion.