Home Remedies to keep liver healthy


Home Remedies to keep liver healthy

This is the most important gland of our body and it governs many functions of the body. If there is any malfunction, then the ability to work in our body is not equal.
If liver damage is not treated at the right time, then it can take a very serious problem. The biggest cause of liver deformity is our habits like smoking, alcohol, excess sour and salt intake.

First of all, it is important to know the symptoms of liver defect only then it can be taken care of. By this time you will know the problem and you will be able to get the right treatment.

Important Reasons to Defeat Liver : –

Drinking dirty water, consuming contaminated meat, eating more spicy and spicy food.

The amount of chlorine in drinking water should be high.

Deficiency of vitamin B

Intake of antibiotic medicines

Do not keep the house clean.

Liver damage is also caused by malaria, dengue and typhoid.

To eat more of the sweets of color.

Too much use of Beauty products.

Eating too much, tea, junk food, oily foods

Liver Damage Symptoms :-

Pain on pressing in the right side of the stomach

Feeling jealousy and heaviness in the chest

Gas in the stomach, lack of appetite, indigestion problem

Feeling laziness and weakness

The taste of the mouth is bad

Measures to cure liver by natural medicine :-

Corrupted blood liver damage most, so it is extremely important to clean the blood. When the blood is cleansed, the contaminated substances on the liver are destroyed.

How to make natural medicine?

Here are given some Home Remedies to keep liver healthy

 * Go to the open air in the morning and take a deep breath. Now walk  barefoot in the grass and breathe deeply and breathe deeply. This will greatly benefit you.
* Massage with mustard oil every week on the whole body. Apply the paste of multani clay on the whole body every week. Bathing and sun baths also benefit from vapor.

Diet Therapy :-

* It is also very important to control the diet to keep liver healthy. What is the meaning and how much to eat is also necessary.

*The use of juice in Liver disease is quite beneficial. Liver patient should regularly take sugarcane juice, coconut water, carrot, radish, spinach, turnip, gourd, tomato juice regularly.

Drink lemon water 2 times a day. Make a vegetable soup, drink regularly, eat watermelon, guava, pomegranate, coconut, papaya, apple, pears, plums etc.

Greens, Tinda, Spinach, Turai, Bathua, Amla etc should be consumed in vegetables. Eat spinach and salad too.

To remove liver disease, berries are considered to be very beneficial. Eat at least 100 gm of jamun each day. Liver also gives strength to the consumption of apples. Therefore, eat plenty of apples too. Carrot soup keeps liver away from diseases. If you have swollen liver, take plenty of melon.

How to protect liver :-

First wake up in the morning and take 3-4 glasses of clean water and then walk in the open air.
Consume lemon water at least twice a day.
Liver is weakened by laziness and habit of not working. So do regular physical work.
Do not consume water while eating. Drink water after about 1 hour after eating.
Minimize consumption of smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, junk food, etc.
Regular Yoga and Exercise.