Benefits  of Lemon Water 


Health Benefits  of Lemon Water 

You have often heard health experts say that drinking a glass of lemon every morning is good for health. Because

Water is highly beneficial for our health, because it keeps our body hydrated and releases harmful toxins.
There are many nutritious foods such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin A, C and B-complex as well as pectin fibers, proteins and carbohydrates in the lemon. Lemon also has properties that increase citric acid and antibacterial, antiviral and disease resistant capacity.

To take advantage of it, just squeeze half a lemon into a glass of clean water. You can also add honey according to your taste. Eat it every morning and take it to the empty stomach and do not eat anything for the next 30 minutes.

Below are the best advantages of drinking lemonade –

Improve digestion (Improves Digestion)
Some components present in lemon increase the production of bile in the liver, which helps in digestion. In addition, it helps to remove unwanted ingredients and toxins from the digestive system.

By consuming one glass of lemonade every day, it is cured of symptoms of indigestion and indigestion such as heartburn, sourness and flatulence.

It provides relief in constipation and diarrhea by making movements easier in intestines. Those who feel relieved of bowel movement should eat it daily.

Helps in reducing obesity
If you are troubled by obesity and want to lose weight, then eating lemonade with honey will surely help. Lemon contains excessive pectin fiber which reduces appetite and makes the stomach feel full for longer periods of time.

Also, it creates an alkaline environment in the stomach, which helps in reducing obesity faster.

Helps to make skin clean and fair
By consuming lemonade everyday, you will notice a great difference in your skin. It helps to purify the blood and promotes the production of new blood cells.

Also, reduce the wrinkles of Vitamin C and other antioxidant skin in it, remove facial scars and help combat the damage caused by free radicals.

Water and honey have antibacterial and collagen-boosting properties that help to make skin clean and clear.

Increases the immunity of disease (Improves Immune System)
Due to excessive vitamin C in lemonade, it enhances the body’s immune system and helps fight against colds and flu problems.
In addition, it also enhances the ability of the body to absorb iron. Iron is an essential substance for the immune system. There are also saponins, whose antimicrobial properties protect against infections in the body.

 Treats Bad and Breath of Breath
The acidic nature of lemon and medical properties of honey and water help to remove the stomach and mouth and breath. Lemonade cleanses the mouth and raises the production of saliva, from which the smell-resistant bacteria die.

It also helps to remove the white layer on the tongue. This white layer contains rotten food particles and bacteria which cause odor.

 Balances the pH level (Balances pH Levels)
Lemonade is a best alkalizing food because it contains citric acid and ascorbic acid which keep the pH levels balanced.

Drinking lemon on an empty stomach every morning helps in eliminating the overall acidity of the body, such as uric acid present in joints, which causes joints pain and inflamation.

Increases energy
Nutritious substances such as Vitamin B and C, phosphorus, proteins and carbohydrate are the natural energizing agents present in the lemon, which increase the energy of the body. It keeps the body full of hydrates and oxygen, which makes us feel highly energized, fresh and resuscitated.

Also, lemon contains negative-charged ions that provide instant energy as soon as they reach the digestive system. In addition, there is mood-enhancing and energizing properties in lemon fragrance.

 Cures Throat Infections
Lemon water contains antibacterial properties that cure throat infection, sore throat and tonsillitis. Therefore, those who consume it every morning, there is less chance of any type of infection in the neck. Even it protects against asthma.

 Controls High Blood Pressure (Controls High Blood Pressure)
For those who have high blood pressure problem, this is a very beneficial drink. It cleans the lymphatic system and keeps hydrated.

Potassium present in lemonade enhances sleep, reduces stress and improves mental functioning, thus improving blood pressure.
 Keeps the kidneys and bladder clean
Lemonade works like diuretic, clears urinary tract and promotes urine production. In addition, it also keeps the pH level of the urinary tract well, and prevents hormaneous bacteria from growing.

Increases citric acid detoxification in it. Detoxification is essential for the urinary tract to protect against infection. Women who have frequent problem of urinary tract infections (UTI) should eat lemonade regularly.