Health benefits of green tea


Health benefits of green tea

If we get the name of Green Tea, then our mind comes to fitness. Not only do people drinking green tea get rid of many diseases, but their immune system also increases.

Benefits of green tea

We all know about the benefits of Green Tea. According to a research, eight cups of green tea daily reduce the risk of heart disease. Along with this, it also reduces cholesterol levels. Also Green Tea helps remove excess fat deposited on the body.

1. Immune system strengthen
Green tea contains vitamin C, polyphenol other antioxidants, which destroy the free radicals of the body and strengthen the immune system. This reduces the risk of diseases in the body and the body is disease-free.
2.Keep heart healthy

Drink green tea increases metabolism levels. Due to which the amount of cholesterol in the body is balanced. Blood chops are normal due to cholesterol content being balanced. Thereby, the heart attack fear is very low.

3.Lose weight

Green tea is very helpful in reducing obesity. Drinking a cup of green tea after eating increases digestion power. Caffeine present in green tea increases the speed of spending calories. This causes weight loss.
Avoiding the smell of mouth
Green tea is very beneficial for mouth. Green tea contains anti-oxidant polyfinol that eliminates the elements in the mouth that are responsible for respiratory problems.

4.Beneficial in brain disease

Green tea also increases metabolic rate or fat oxidizing in the body. Its regular use prevents brain tissues from being dead. It also reduces the risk of forgetting diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

5.Essential for skin

Protects the skin from antioxidant free radicals present in green tea. These free radicals give rise to problems like wrinkles and anti-aging in the skin. You can stay young for a long time by consuming green tea.

6.Avoid arthritis

Green tea is helpful in preventing and reducing the risk of arthritis. It protects it by blocking the cartilage by blocking the enzyme.

7.Remove Green Tea Stress

Most people take help from tea to avoid stress, but do you know how beneficial it is to consume green tea? The amino acid found in green tea proves helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

8.Green tea and cold

Greens are very beneficial for cold or flu. Vitamin C found in it helps in the treatment of cold flu and cold. If you want, you can take it three to four times a day.