Health benefits of ginger


Ginger is the property of mine. In most of the houses, ginger is used in a variety of ways. Ginger or snout is used in both important forms of food and medicine. Ginger rich in specific properties is also used in many major diseases.
As a medicine, it is used in arthritis, rheumatic arthritis (amata) sciatica and neck and spinal cord disease (cervical spondylitis). Excessive appetite in addition to these diseases of the joints, due to fever, constipation, ear ache, vomiting, sprain, abdominal stool and irregularity in menstruation due to pain in amoebic dysentery, cough, colds, asthma and body. Even ginger  is used as medicine.

For such patients you can make ginger medicine at home only.

* Grind fresh ginger and put it in the cloth and squeeze out the juice and give the patient drink.

* Ginger is also used by making decoction and powder.

* To make decoction, make a powder of dried ginger and boil it by adding 15 grams (about three teaspoons of tea) in a cup of water. When water remains one fourth, then filter it and give it to the patient.* To make the powder, peel the top layer of the nicely and throw it and grind the remaining part and make the powder. If it is scanned, the fibers are separated in the powder. Throw them away. This powder is mixed with honey and given to the patient to eat.
* Add some water to ginger while mixing or grinding.

* Grind fresh ginger and coat it with painful joints and muscles and bind them from above. This reduces the swelling and pain of the joint and also the pain of the muscles.

* If the coating is heated, then its effect is very quick.
* If a person has cough with cough, then after sleeping at night, add ginger to the milk and boil it. Take this process for approximately 15 days. This will make the caffeine deposited in the chest easily out. This will make the patient feel both cough and cough as well. Do not drink water after giving the patient with ginger milk.

* Ginger is best used in everyday vegetables. This gives freedom from the vata disease of the body.