Garlic Benefits


Garlic Benefits

Garlic Benefits

In general garlic is used to make the food tasty but it also has many health benefits. In Garlic mainly found a medicinal compound known as allicin, which contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
Nutritious substances containing vitamins and minerals are also found in In garlic. Among these, the main nutrients are Vitamin B1, B6, C, Manganese, Calcium and Copper.
By consuming a bit of garlic every day, your body is protected all day and is full of energy. To take maximum advantage of garlic, eat it raw, medicinal properties are greatly reduced in ripe garlic. Also, take an empty stomach to achieve its natural antibiotic properties.

Below are the 10 most effective health benefits of garlic : –

1. Keeps the heart healthy
Garlic is a very effective superfood to keep the heart healthy. It cures blood flow, reduces cholesterol and protects against heart diseases. It protects against a disease called atherosclerosis, due to this disease the arteries become stiff and blood pressure increases due to high blood pressure
Grind two garlic buds daily and grind them daily to keep your heart healthy.
You can also take garlic supplements by consulting your doctor. Supplementation of 900 mg of garlic powder is effective every day.

2. Controlling hypertension
Many researches have shown that garlic also reduces high blood pressure, especially systolic blood pressure. Garlic increases the blood circulation, which makes it easy to control the blood.
Those who have high blood pressure problem, they should consume raw garlic, empty stomach everyday. If you do not like the raw garlic flavor then drink it after eating a glass of milk. You can also take garlic supplements from doctor’s advice.

3. Relieves Pain in Arthritis
Garlic is like Sanjeevani medicine for patients with arthritis. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it reduce the rubbles of joints and provide relief from their pain. There is also a compound called diallyl disulfide which reduces the enzyme that damages the cartilage.

Due to arthritis, regularly take garlic regularly to get rid of swelling and pain in joints. Take an empty stomach to take advantage of it.

4. Increases the immunity of disease
Garlic is a good source of vitamin C, B6, manganese and selenium. All these substances increase the immunity of the body. It also increases the absorption of minerals in the body.

At the same time, antioxidants and antimicrobial properties present in garlic strengthen the defense mechanisms of the body and fight infections.

5. Cures colds, coughs and colds
Garlic eliminates cold, cough and cold spreading bacteria due to antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. In many cases it also prevents the infection of the swelling.

Garlic is also highly beneficial in many cervical cases such as asthma and cough cough.

To avoid various problems caused by infection in the home, regular supplements can be done with the advice of the doctor along with regular garlic.

6. Fights with Fungal infection
Garlic has powerful antifangal properties which fight the shingles, itching and itching due to fungal infections. It also fights with the infection known as candida.

Apply garlic oil or gel at the place of infection. If the infection is in the mouth then apply garlic paste.
Take raw garlic regularly.

7. Fights with allergies
Anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties present in garlic help the body fight different types of allergies. This rhinitis is also highly beneficial in reducing swelling in the airway due to allergic reactions.

Those who are allergic, they should consume garlic supplements daily in the allergy season. Applying garlic paste is very beneficial in rocks, bug-byte or other skin allergies.

8. Corrected toothache
Due to the presence of antibacterial and analgesic properties in garlic it is beneficial to reduce the pain of teeth. To get immediate relief, apply garlic oil in painful teeth and gums or apply raw garlic paste.

9. Enhances digestion power
Garlic enhances digestion power by controlling stomach operations. It stimulates the production of gastric juice by stimulating stomach mucus membrane (mucous membrane) which is a necessary substance to digest food.

Garlic helps the liver to take out the toxins from the body and prevents any harm from the liver during this process. But do not eat garlic excessively because it can cause irritation of the digestive system and may lead to heartburn problem.

10. Prevents Cancer
Garlic prevents cancer, especially digestive tract and lung cancer. Allyl sulfur compounds present in garlic stop the development of cancer cells.

Those who have a long history of cancer in the family, they should eat garlic regularly to avoid cancer.

The use of garlic can lead to many side effects such as swelling, flatulence, stomach gas, stomach disorders, bad breath and body odor.
It dilutes blood and interferes with many blood-staining medicines, so consult your doctor before taking supplements.
It also blocks some HIV medicines.