Eczema Scars Home Remedies


Itching is a fairly common chronic problem. It can be a person of any age but mostly it occurs in children and adults.
Common symptoms of eczema or itching are-ruukhi skin (dry skin), skin red (redness), inflammation (swelling), crust on skin, blisters and itching to be persistent. It has different parts of the body such as face, hands, Adian, last part of the knees, neck and upper chest.
Since the use of certain medicine or lotions, the scars of eczema can be cured. But it is very expensive and has a possibility of having many side effects.

By adopting some simple home remedies, you can also relieve the irritation and itching of eczema and scars to get rid of it quickly.

Here are some most effective home remedies to fix eczema scars or herpes mangy itching traces –


1. Honey 

Honey shingle mangy helps in recovering many and other skin problums with itching. It contains soothing, antiseptic and is antibacterial properties that fight from eczema and help to remove the scars quickly.
Clean up eczema and honey.
Or, prepare the crystallized sugar Mulakar scrub in honey. Now get it in the affected area and scrub slowly up to a few minutes. Then wash it with clean water. It takes 3-4 times in the week to remove the scar of mangy itching

2. Apple’s vinegar (apple Cider take)
Apple vinegar contains astringent (binding), Entiphangal and is properties that help in recovering eczema as well as removing its scars quickly.
Three times a day, drink two chamamached apple vinegar and honey in a glass of water. This will increase the immune capacity (immunity power) to reduce skin inphlameshan and scars.
Or, vinegar half the skin in the apple vinegar and half the water. This will reduce itching and draines.

3. Neem
Redness of neem skin helps reduce irritation and inphlameshan, so it is considered to be very beneficial in treating eczema.
Combine two teaspoons of the PC, Neem leaves and turmeric powder.
Now get a little sesame oil.
Then take this mixture on your skin and clean it up after 30 minutes.
Do this treatment every day.

4. Oatmeal (Oatmeal)
Oatmeal regularly, the skin is soft from the bath and gets rid of itching. Naturally cleansing agents in oatmeal are present that help to remove the scars of eczema quickly.
Mix one or two cups of oatmeal in the grind bath in warm water.
Now keep your whole body in this water for 20 to 30 minutes.
Do this treatment daily. If the situation is too bad, do it two or three times a day.

5. Aloe (Aloe D’Vera)
Aloe have anti-Inphlametri and Entimaikrobiyal properties that reduce the irritation of eczema and help to lighten the scars of eczema quickly.

Attach the aloe gel directly to the affected area. It will go two or three times in the day to remove your scars.
Or, scars the net aloe gel and vitamin E oil on the night before bedtime. Wash it with warm water in the morning. Do this daily until your scars are completely erased.

6. Baking soda (baking soda)
Baking soda can be used as a exfoliant to remove dead cells of the skin. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the itching of eczema.
Prepare the thick paste of two teaspoons of water in the baking soda.
Now take it to the affected area and clean it with warm water after a few minutes.

7. Olive oil (l’olive Oil)
Olive oil contains powerful anti-Inphlametri propertiess that help to reduce the symptoms of eczema. Additionally, it softens the skin, reduces the redness and lightens the scars.
Massage the skin with the Xtra Virgin Olive oil.
Now soaked the skin with a warm water and remove the cloth when it is cool.
Do this once or twice in the day.
If olive oil is not available, use coconut oil.

8. Lemon juice (lemon juice)
Lemons have acidic properties that act as antiseptic on the skin. Also, lemon contains vitamin C that helps create new skin sales and makes the skin blonde.
Scars the skin of fresh lemon juice twice a day and wash it for 10 to 15 minutes.
Or, prepare two teaspoons of sugar in the lemon, mix the paste. Now attach the paste to the skin and clear it after 15 minutes. Do this treatment before everyday bedtime.

9. Cocoa butter (Cocoa butter)
Cocoa butter helps remove the scars of eczema by restoring the skin. To butter the pure cocoa to the scars place, the colour of your scars will soon be lighter. Use only pure cocoa butters to get good result.

10. Fish oil (Fish Oil)

Regularly intake of fish oil helps to quickly fill the scars of eczema. Also, omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil that help in reducing itching that are caused by eczema.
Use 1,200 mg of fish oil three times daily.
Include fatty fish in your diet, such as sailman, tuna and mackerel (small mackerel).

Note that scars of eczema do not delete in one or two days, you have to be patient and have the treatments given above regularly.