Do you feel embarrassed to remove your shoes and socks due to Foot Odor try some Natural Home Remedies


Natural Remedies for Foot Odor

Whenever you go anywhere, do you feel embarrassed to remove your shoes and socks, because doing so gets a lot of smell from the feet, which you can not bear for yourself. If it is correct then you may be afflicted by a disease called bromhidrosis, in which sweat glands produce excessive sweating and cause stigma.

Yes, due to this you may experience a lot of embarrassing experience.

Typically stomach in the feet comes when your feet sweat and it is not dry because of wearing shoes and socks. On our skin there are naturally bacteria that have sweat and dead skin cells, and they smell strains. Due to these bacteria, sweat causes sweating.

Why does our feet smell?

Regardless of the weather, any person’s feet may get stinking. But this problem occurs mostly in pregnant women and children because sweating is more due to hormonal changes in their body.

Anyone who keeps wearing shoes all day long or is in a lot of depression, it is more sweaty.

Some shoes and socks increase sweating and do not let it dry. This moist and dark condition accelerates the growth of bacteria. These bacteria convert substances known as leucine into isovaleric acid present in sweat. This isoleric acid smells like this. Dementia can vary depending on the bacterial breed.

If you are suffering from a disease called hyperhidrosis, you will get more sweat and stench will be even more.

Due to lack of proper hygiene or cleanliness, there may be stomach in the feet. Those who do not clean their feet, socks and shoes regularly, they provide the right atmosphere to increase the stinking bacteria to grow.

There are many home remedies that you can get rid of the stench of feet. But for that you need to take them patiently and regularly. Most of these treatments can completely heal the feet of stomach throughout the week.

Apply baking soda before bedtime (Use Baking Soda Before Going to Bed)
Sodium bicarbonate, also called baking soda, is very beneficial in removing stomach. This reduces the pH of sweat and reduces the bacteria.

Before sleeping, mix baking soda in a water tub and dip your feet for 15-20 minutes. By doing this for a continuous week, the stench of the feet is completely removed.

Sprinkle baking soda before wearing both your socks and shoes.

Apply lavender oil to finish the stench of foot (Lavender Oil)

Lavender oil is very aromatic, which helps in digging the feet and also kills bacteria. Also, there are antioxidant and antifangal properties that treat stomach disorders.

Add some drops of lavender essential paraffin in hot water.

Now dip your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes.

Do this treatment twice a day for every day.

The some most effective solutions to remove stomach

Finish the stench infections in the foot through the rock salt (Epsom Salt) 
Rock salt is made of magnesium sulphate, which is used in many places like home, farming, beauty products, medicines etc. Rock salt removes microbial infections by removing foot stenosis. Itching is also less in the body than bathing with rock salt. Mix three spoons of rock salt into a small tub filled with warm water.
Now dip your feet for 10-15 minutes in it. To get good results, do this treatment before sleeping at night.

Black tea reduces sweating and eliminates bacterial (Black Tea)
Black tea contains tannic acid which helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria. It also closes the follicles in the legs, which reduces sweating. Doctors often advise Black Tea to remove the stench of feet.

Boil two black tea bags in three cups of water. After boiling, add some cool water to it, which reduces its temperature.
Then immerse your feet in water for 15-20 minutes.
Continue this treatment twice a day for a week.

Finish bacterial infection in vinegar (vinegar)
Vinegar is also helpful in removing the stench of the feet, because it forms an acidic environment in the feet in which bacteria can not survive. You can use any type of vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar (apple vinegar).

Mix one and a half cups vinegar in 8 cups hot water.
Now dip your feet for 10-15 minutes in it.
Then clean your feet with soap, which will remove the scent of vinegar.

Cedar oil helps naturally remove the stench of feet (Cedarwood Oil)
Cedar oil is considered to be one of the first essential oils to be extracted from nature.

Also, it is used much in aromatherapy, and contains antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. All these properties make cedar oil very beneficial in fighting the stench of legs.
You can use cedar oil in combination with coconut oil. Coconut oil also has many health benefits. It contains loric acid which fights with bacteria. Plus, there are also properties that keep the skin fresh in the skin. It is also used in many beauty products, or because of oil, it remains on skin for a long time.

Use Boric Acid Powder (Boric Acid)
Boric acid is also beneficial in removing the stench of the feet. This eliminates the odor-producing bacteria.

To remove the stench of feet, sprinkle some boric acid powder on your sweaty feet.
Or, add one and a half cup boric acid and vinegar in two cups of water. Now spray it inside your shoes.

Clean the feet with sugar scrub and get rid of odor (Sugar Scrub)

There are many more beneficial properties in addition to sweetener in sugar. Sugar helps remove dead cells. Removing leg cells and calluses on the legs also helps to reduce the stomachache, as it also helps in causing stench. Regular use of this helps to keep feet clean and also stop building new calluses. You can make a powerful homemade sugar screen by adopting the following measures.

Join 6 spoons of sugar, 2 spoons of clean water and 10 spoons of isopropyl alcohol (91% or more) in between.
Now put this mixture in your feet and scrub it for 5-10 minutes. Doing this will remove bacteria and dead cells. After this wash the feet.
Do this treatment at least three times a week.

Note – To get good results, dip your feet in warm water before doing this treatment.

Talcum powder or baby powder (Talcum Powder)
The stench of the feet can be removed from the use of tail powder or baby powder. These powders have natural smelling and it helps to keep the feet dry after absorbing sweat.

Put talcum powder or baby powder on your feet every morning. You can also sprinkle it in your shoes.

Use Ginger to Prevent Bacterial Growth in Legs (Ginger)
Ginger also has a fairly effective prevention for smelly feet, as it prevents bacterial growth and helps to remove toxic substances.

Crush a ginger and make a paste. Now put it in a cup of water and boil it for 10-15 minutes.
After this, filter this water and put it on your feet before sleeping at night.
Daily this treatment for two consecutive weeks.

The above treatment mostly removes the stench of the feet, but to maintain it, it is also important to keep your legs, socks and shoes clean regularly.

Remedies to keep feet away from stench

By keeping proper cleanliness and care of the feet, you stay away from the stench.

Clean your feet with antiseptic soap everyday and remove dust and dead cells by scrubbing with the brush. Keep in mind, after washing the feet, dry well, especially the parts between fingers and thumb.
Cut your nails regularly.
Before bathing, keep your feet in water for 10 minutes and clean them properly while bathing.
Clean your socks and shoes regularly and do not wear them wet.
Use only perfect shoes shoes and socks. Also wear the first socks in the summer season.
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If you do not get the stench of your feet even through the above treatment or you have problems with hyperhidrosis then contact the doctor.