Cracked Heels Home Remedies


Cracked Heels Home Remedies

Cracked Heels is a common problem that is seen in most adult people. This causes a deep wound in the ankles that can be quite traumatic with time when they are ignored.

Early signs of Cracked Heels

Become a layer of dry, thick and dead skin at the ankles. In the same way, they seem to be redness, itchy and swollen, and venting like skin peels. If they do not take these measures at this stage, it seems to be the deepest of the skin and they have a lot of pain, along with the blood.

The main causes Cracked Heels

The main causes Cracked Heels are dry air, lack of moisture in the skin, do not properly care for feet, irregular catering, growing age, long standing on a strict place and wear wrong type shoes or socks. Some medical conditions, such as itching (eczema), psoriasis, corns and calluses, diabetes (diabetes) and thyroid disease, can also cause Ediyan to explode.


There are some home remedies that you can fix or stop crack heels.

Many vegetable oils are very beneficial for recovering crack heels. Can be used for olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and other vanaspati vegetable paraffin. Use them to get the best result before sleeping on the night.
First scrub your feet well with soap. Dry your feet now. Attach vegetable oil to the ankles after drying. Now go for the socks wearing gold. Till Dawn your Ediyan will be much more soft and moisture-rich. Take this process daily until your Ediyan is completely free from cracks.

Scrub ankles with rice flour (Rice Flour)
Peeling the dead skin on the ankles also reduces their cracking and dryness. The homemade exfoliating scrub of rice can be used to peel or flick an ankles.
To make the scrub, mix two teaspoons of honey in a rice flour. If your Ediyan are badly torned, add 2 teaspoons of olive oil or almond oil. Wash your feet well and attach this paste. Give this process two to three times a week.

Remove the itchy itching and infection by using neem
Neem is also beneficial to cure torn ankles. Especially, when the ankles have itching or infection. Neem provides moisture to dry and itchy skin and its fungicidal properties fight with any type of infection

Prepare a bowl of neem leaves.
Now add three spoonful turmeric in it.
Leave this paste on your fat beams and leave it for two hours.
Now wash your feet.

Lemon provides skin moisture to the ankles (Lemon)
Acidic properties present in nimbo are very useful in softening dry skin.
Half bucket squeeze 2 lemon into light warm water.
Now immerse your legs in it for 15 minutes.
During this, rub your ankles with stones, so that the dry skin is gone.
Now take out the feet and take it out.

Rose water and glycerin are used to remove torn ankles (Rose Water and Glycerin)
The combination of rose water and glycerin is natural medicine to cure torn ankles. Glycerin softens the skin, so it is used in cosmetics. Gulab water provides vitamin A, B3, C, D and E as well as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Massage your feet by mixing rose water and glycerin with equal amounts.

Wax helps keep ankles long for longer (Wax)
If your edges are badly torn, and you have a lot of pain then using wax can give you instant relief. Wax is a very good moisturizer and keeps the skin moist for a long time
Melt the wax in a bowl and mix two spoons of mustard oil or coconut oil.
Before sleeping on the night, wear socks over your ankles.
Do this procedure two to three times a week.

Keep in mind – do not apply hot wax on your feet, but let it cool down again. If you have diabetes or your blood circulation is weak, do not follow this treatment.