Lung Infection

Lung Infection : Many people around the world are suffering from different types of lung diseases. Asthma and CPPD are the major in these diseases.Having children suffer from this disease at a young age is a matter of concern. The incidence of chronic lung disease has increased rapidly in infants. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the chronic lung diseases in infants.

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What Is Rotavirus? Causes, Treatment, and Prevention – healthmedicure

Rotavirus is a dangerous disease to children. It is a virus that causes intestinal infection ie gastroenteritis disease. According to the World Health Organization, every child under the age of 5 years is at least one case of this virus. Children from 6 months to 2 years have the highest risk of this disease.If there is correct information about this disease in children, then by recognizing the symptoms, treatment can be done at the right time and the dangers caused by it can be avoided. Let’s tell you about rotavirus infection.What Is Rotavirus? Causes, Treatment, and Prevention – healthmedicure

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