Benefits of Honey – A essential food for our life


Benefits of Honey

Honey is a sweet liquid food that gathers honey bees from flowers. There are plenty of glucose, fructose and many minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium. There are plenty of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.

Being a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties in honey, it is used as a medicine in many common health problems.
1. Enhances energy : Honey immediately increases the energy level of the body. Due to it being highly natural sugar, it is a great source of calories and energy.

It reduces fatigue and low energy discomfort. At the same time, it also fulfills the desire to eat some sweet foods and does not even cause obesity. So whenever you want to eat some sweet, then take a spoonful raw organic honey.
2. Removes muscle fatigue : Athletes, wrestlers or those who work excessively often have a problem of muscle tiredness, which also has a bad effect on their performance level. By taking honey, this problem is easily removed.
Due to the proper combination of glucose and fructose in honey, it provides instant energy to the body muscles and removes their fatigue. The body quickly changes the glucose to instant energy, and gradually absorbs fructose and turns it into sustain energy.
3. Controls blood sugar levels : Honey is a sweet food, but still diabetic patients can consume it without any problems. Due to the proper combination of glucose and fructose it helps to control the blood sugar level of the body. Minerals, vitamins and antioxidant properties are also beneficial for the body.

Those who have Type-1 diabetes, take one spoon of honey daily.
4. Cures cough : Some research has revealed that honey is used to cure cough more effective than other cough medicines. There are quite powerful antibacterial properties which cure cough by eliminating bacterial infections in the throat.

To get relief immediately from cough, add half a glass of lemon juice and mix one big spoon of honey. To increase taste, you can also add a little salt to it.
5. Heals wounds and injuries quickly : The honey contains natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These properties prevent infection and injury in injuries, keep it clean, eliminate odor and pus, reduce pain and do it quickly.
Clean the wound thoroughly by mixing the toothol in warm water first. Now make a layer of honey on it and bind it to the top. Change this bar once every 24 hours. For those who are allergic to Topical Antibiotics, honey is a good option.

6. Fires the wounds of burning with small fire : Honey can also be used in the treatment of wounds of burning a small fire. It contains antibacterial and antifangal properties which prevent bacterial from growing in the wound. It also contains antimicrobial properties which inhibit infections.

If any part of your body is burnt with fire then apply Ravi Honey on it. This will make you feel comfortable in pain and itching immediately. Apply the honey three times a day to fill the wound early.
7. Removes insomnia : Many people have a problem of insomnia (sleeping problem) at night. Honey is beneficial for the treatment of this problem. Digested honey fat is a carbohydrate that stimulates the discharge of insulin and helps in the treatment of tryptophan (niacin) to the brain. When our brain increases the amount of tryptophan then we get sleepy.

So take a glass of milk in a glass of milk before sleeping on it every night. Both of these only have tryptophan.
8. Is beneficial for skin : Since honey contains anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, it proves very helpful in making the skin healthy and glowing.

If there is any scar on your skin then apply a little honey on it every night before sleeping. From this, the skin will absorb the medical properties of Honey overnight. Wash it with hot water in the morning. Doing this continuously for a few days will end your skin blur.
Honey is also beneficial in some other skin problems like itchy, ringworm and psoriasis. It is also beneficial in the ignition and dryness of the skin.

9. Reduces Obesity : Honey contains abundant vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All these substances increase fat and cholesterol metabolism in the body. It does not accumulate excess fat in the body and remains in the obesity control.

To keep weight in, take a morning stomach in a glass of hot water and drink honey and lemon. By keeping it regular, the body’s toxic substances exit, the liver remains clean and the body does not accumulate excess fat
10. Improve digestion : Honey is a very effective anti-microbial agent that is beneficial for the whole digestive system. In this, the enzyme called glucose oxidase is found, which produces hydrogen peroxide in a small amount of body. Hydrogen peroxide helps in the recovery of gastritis in the body.
Honey also cures gas made in the stomach due to excessive eating. To keep your digestion intact, take two teaspoons of honey before eating it everyday.