Benefits of eating Date & why pregnant women  should eat this fruit everyday


Dates are considered among the oldest foodstuffs of today and in Ayurveda it has many details and advantages. Scientists have proved on the basis of evidence that palm cultivation has been taking place for the last 8000 years. There are 400 different varieties of palm available in the market.
You can eat dates in a variety of ways, such as as a snack, by adding it to sweet dishes etc.
Dates are delicious as well as healthy for health. It contains excessive iron content which removes the lack of blood. Along with this, potassium, protein, fiber, calcium and vitamin B are also abundant. There are anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties.

There is also excessive sugar in it so patients with diabetes should not eat it.

The some most effective health benefits of palm are given below.

1. Boosts Energy
If the body needs energy right away then dates can provide that energy. It contains abundant natural sugar, fructose and sucrose which provide instant energy to the body. It also contains potassium, which is necessary to convert sugar into energy according to the body’s requirement.
Include dates in breakfast every morning and stay energetic throughout the day.
Eat some dates after lunch or if you are hungry in the day, then eat it.

2. Cures constipation
Dates have a laxative effect on our body, so it is very beneficial for patients with constipation. Due to being highly soluble in the fiber, the bowel movements improve the bowel movements and promotes smooth passage in the intestinal tract.
Soak 8 to 10 palm water in the water at night.
Grate them in the morning and prepare the juice.
Consume this juice daily empty stomach.

3. Reduces anemia
Anemia or iron deficiency is caused by low amounts of hemoglobin in the blood. Iron fill in date
Tension and laziness also end with the recovery of iron level in the body.
Take two dry dates twice a day with hot milk.
Take a spoonful of cut dates and boil them in a cup of milk.

4. Promotes healthy pregnancy
Dates contain nutrients which are essential for both mother and child during pregnancy. As mentioned above it fixes constipation which is the most common problem in pregnant women.

Along with this it made the child’s birth easier by strengthening the uterine muscles
Whenever hunger is hungry in the day, eat some dates.
You can also boil the dates with boiling milk.

5. Fixes hangover
Dates can also be used for fighting side effects due to drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol increases the toxic substances in liver, which reduces dates, resulting in reduced hangover.
Dip 4 to 5 five pajas in one cup of water and keep it for a few hours.
Now separate the seeds by separating them into separate water.
Now stir it well and make juice.
This juice every day

6. Keeps the heart healthy
Antihyperlipidemic effects present in the palm keep the heart healthy. It contains low sodium and high potassium, which regulates heart rate and controls blood pressure. Potassium also reduces the possibility of heart attack.
Along with this it contains magnesium content which keeps the heart functioning properly.
To keep the heart healthy, eat the soaked palm every day.

7. Maintains the nervous system (Aids Nervous System Functioning)
Dates contain vitamin B which keeps the nervous system healthy. Being healthy of the nervous system works from all parts of the body and can communicate properly to each other.
Dates also contain potassium content which keeps the nervous system healthy and provides good sleep and keeps the brain alert.
Dates also contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, resulting in increased body cognitive functioning.

8. Reduces inflammation of arthritis (Relieves Arthritis Inflammation)
Dates contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief in arthritis by reducing joint pain and swelling.
Magnesium and potassium content present in it increase the strength of the bones and reduce the chance of arthritis.
To reduce the inflammation of arthritis, massage the date seeds lightly and massage them.

Additional tips :-
Always buy good quality dates from the market.
Wash them thoroughly before eating.
Fresh dates are more beneficial, so try to eat them fresh during the season.
Make sure that they do not have artificial sugar.eep eating palm every day.