Banana Health Benefits


Banana Health Benefits

Banana contains many vitamins and nutritious foods which are beneficial for health. The most important ingredients in this are carbohydrate, vitamin A, C and B6, sucrose, fructose and glucose such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium and natural sugar. All these substances make banana a superfood.

Most beneficial benefits of banana are given below –

1. Regulate Bowel Movements : The problem of irregular bowel movement or stool is very irritating. Regular consumption of banana can be easily solved with this problem.
The banana contains insoluble fiber which cleans the bowel movement by cleansing the waste in the digestive tract.
But do not eat banana excessively because its excessive consumption can cause constipation and gas.
Banana also helps in diarrhea because it enhances the absorption of fluid in the intestines by controlling the water-soluble fiber called pectin.

2. Provides Natural Energy : Banana is an unique mixture of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals which provides instant natural energy. Along with this, three natural sugar: a mixture of glucose, fructose and sucrose is also a health booster. These three natural sugars give excessive energy to the body.

Banana is one of the few fruits found in nature, in which both complex and simple carbohydrates are found together. Complex carbohydrates provide us endurance energy and simple carbohydrates gives us quick energy. By eating two bananas everyday, you get the energy to exercise 90 minutes.

3. Soothes Stomach Ulcers :
Banana is beneficial in two ways for our stomach –

First, some substances found in it form a thick mucus layer inside the stomach, which protects the stomach from the stomach acid in the digestive process. It also controls the acidity of the stomach, which is the main cause of stomach ulcers.

Second, protease inhibitors are found to eliminate bacteria present in the stomach. Bacteria also work to create ulcers in the stomach.

4. Keeps the heart healthy : In bananas potassium is abundant, which is the essential substance to keep the heart healthy. Potassium helps to deliver enough oxygen to the brain. It also helps in maintaining regular heartbeat and also controls the water level in the body.

Those who consume excess of potassium-rich substances like banana are less likely to have heart attack and high blood pressure.

5. Helps in weight loss : If you are looking for foods that help reduce weight, banana will prove to be the perfect choice for you. They contain less fat and more fiber and vitamins.

The dietary fiber present in the banana absorbs the water and the stomach covers more space, which makes the stomach feel full for longer and does not have the desire to eat again and again. As a result, your weight will be less
There are also some B vitamins that boost metabolism. Due to its sweet taste, you can use it in sweet instead of sweets etc.

6. Removes the lack of blood : Banana is a good source of iron for those suffering from blood loss. Iron deficiency is the main cause of this disease and it can be controlled by consuming iron containing substances like bananas.
Regular consumption of banana with other iron-rich substances reduces the symptoms of anemia, such as fatigue, dizziness, headache, breathlessness, and heartbeat fastness etc.

7. Morning removes Sickness : Pregnant women often become victims of morning sickness, which can be done to control banana consumption. There are calming properties in it that compensate the body and bring blood sugar to the healthy level.

After pregnant women should wake up every morning and eat a banana after eating it. Minerals present in bananas help to keep your mood up and also help in the development of unborn baby.

8. Enhances eyesight and health : Vitamin A in banana is a very important substance to keep eyes healthy. It also reduces the possibility of night blindness.

According to a research published in Archives of Ophthalmology, consuming three or more bananas daily reduces the degeneration of muscles in the eyes due to age.

9. Fits mosquito bites : The mosquito bites are quite itchy and painful. You can treat it by using banana peels.

Rinse the inner part of the banana peel for 5-10 minutes on a bite. It will reduce itching and swelling. This remedy is more effective than using a cream or medication.

10. Helps in reducing depression : A recent survey revealed that most people with depression feel good after consuming bananas.

The banana contains a protein called tryptophan that goes into the body and gets converted into serotonin. Serotonin fixes the mood, relaxes the body and makes us feel happy.

If you do not sleep because of depression, take a banana before sleeping. Tryptophan present in it will give you a good sleep.
Banana contains an amino acid called tyrosine which increases the level of norepinephrine and dopamine. This neurotransmitters are essential for brain alertness, concentration and brain activity.

Banana is a cheaper and healthier food, so please include it in your daily diet. It can also be used as a healthy sweet or snack.