Major causes of pyria and there remedies


Major causes of pyria and there remedies

Pyria is a toothache, which affects gums too. There may be many problems faced by this anger. To avoid this, it is also very important to know the causes and symptoms. Know the causes of the Pyria, symptoms and remedies

Causes of Pyria :-

1 -Beginning of the  Pyria, due to lack of proper care of teeth, irregularly, due to some accounting and due to non-digestion of food.

2.Acidity of blood increases due to liver malfunction. Due to the contaminated acidic blood, the tooth becomes affected by the pyria.

3. Consumption of meat and other rich foods, consuming excessive amounts of substances such as paan, gutkha, tobacco etc., are the main reasons for breathing in the mouth instead of nose, chewing food properly, eating indigestion, constipation etc.


When you are suffering from acne, the teeth begin to move loose. Gums and pus with blood flow out. Hard papadas are fixed on the teeth. Foul odor begins to appear. Due to lack of proper treatment, teeth can become weak and fall.

Remedies: How to Avoid pyria This 11 Worthy Remedy

(1) Dental should be thoroughly cleaned daily. After eating, clean the teeth with a good mangan with medium finger. Neem or Acacia teeth should be chewed and cleaned with teeth.
(2) Mix salt in mustard oil and knit the teeth with finger so that the gums are well massaged.
(3) Sit well in the tooth or tooth during the shushing. Doing this keeps the teeth healthy forever.
(4) Take 10 grams of triphala powder in the night while sleeping at night and eat unrefined powders twice a day.
(5) Feed the bark of berries several times a day.
(6) Put neem oil on the gums with a finger, and leave it for a few minutes, then clean the tooth with water.
(7) Heat the alum and grind it. Its fun is beneficial in pyria. Rinse the water of alum.(8)  After the meal, remove the particles of food trapped in the tooth, by the toothache of neem etc.
(9) Squeeze lemon juice in water in the morning and evening and drink it.
(10) Drink spinach, carrot and juice of wheat juice regularly. It acts as an automatic medicine in itself.
(11) Put 10 gram of jatamansi 10 grams, blue chill 10 grams, black pepper 5 grams, cloves 2 grams, celery 2 grams, ginger dry 5 grams, camphor 1 gram, rock salt 5 grams and olive oil 10 grams – make equal quantity of these items in equal quantity . Rinse it with three fingers a day and stir well till late. This manna is an underlying medicine of pyria.
12) Do not be indigestible and constipation – take care of this, take lightly well-fed food. Drinking hot milk by eating harras at night while sleeping. Take 2 grams of dry amla powder with water in the morning. Do not use chilli-masala, tea-coffee