Today’s Special Health Domestic Tips


Today’s Special Health Domestic Tips :-

There is often a solution to every problem in the house, which is a panacea treatment. There are some minor health problems like this , which have some Domestic Tips. 

1. Ears Pain – Grind the onion and filter it with the juice. After heated it, putting 4 drops in the ear ends the pain of the ear.
2. Toothache :- By mixing turmeric and rock salt finely, mixing it with pure mustard oil stops the pain of the tooth from the morning and evening.
3. Eye of the teeth :- grind the camphor with a fine finger and rub it on the teeth. Clean the hole properly. Then pressing the camphor for some time under the hole, the pain of the teeth definitely ends.
4. Children’s stomach worms : – If there are worms in the stomach of small children, then by burning the onion juice in the morning and evening, the worms die.
5. Stomach earthworms and worms :- By mixing juice of one big spoon of beans and honey beans and drinking it on morning, midday and evening, earthworms and insects die out in 4-5 days.