Body and Muscle Pain Remedies


Body and Muscle Pain Remedies


Body and Muscle Pain

We have a very complex system of Muscle in the body and can be pained in theMuscle, which starts to feel pain in the body . This is a common problem that arises mostly due to excessive or high work.
Most of the pain remains for 12 to 48 hours after working. This causes excessive pain in the body and Muscle, the feeling of fatigue, and the person may not be able to do the normal work of their daily.
If you are aching in Muscle and body, you should first hydrate your body drink plenty of water. If your body lacks water, the muscles will be tight and will increase the risk of being injured.
Additionally, you can also fix your Muscle pain and body pain by adopting a few home formulations.

Here are some most effective home remedies given for muscle pain :-

1. Cold Pack (Cold pack)
The cold pack in the affected area reduces pain and inflamation. The cold pack’s coolness numbs the aching space so that the body feels less pain.

In a thin Towle, take some ice pieces.
Now keep it for 15 minutes at the aching location.
Repeat it every hour until the pain is cured.
You can also use bags that Sinkai instead of Towle.

2. Warm water dip (hot Water)
Warm water enhances the blood circulation of the body so that the healing process becomes quicker in the aching place. However, use this treatment only 24 hours after the pain begins.
Fill your bathtub with warm water and take a one cup dented salt. A dented salt contains magnesium which provides comfort to the muscles.
Now keep your whole body  for 20 minutes in this water.
Do this treatment twice daily for two-three days.

3. Tart cherry (sour cherry)
Tart cherries are very helpful in recovering body and muscular pain after exercise. In 2010 Skaindineviyan Journal of Medicine and Science in sports, according to a report, the tart cherries contains many antioxidants and anti-inphlametri compounds that help in reducing inphlameshan and muscle pain.

4. Turmeric (turmeric)
Turmeric works like a powerful analgesic and anti-Inphlametri agent.
Mix one teaspoon of turmeric in one cup of milk. Now heat it in light flame. Consume it gradually like tea. Do this intake twice a day.
Or, take Lemon juice and salt in the same amount of fresh turmeric powder, mix the paste. Now take it for 30 minutes to the aching place and then wash with warm water. Repeat it two times daily until the pain is completely cured.

6. Ginger (Ginger)
Ginger works like a natural anti-inphlametri agent and enhances blood circulation in the body, which greatly helps in reducing body pain. In 2010, a study by University of Georgia (GCSU) found that the intake of raw or baked ginger is the pain of mucles due to exercise or excessive functioning.

Spoon the fresh ground ginger into a cotton cloth, tight. Now keep it for 15 minutes at aching place in warm water for one minute. Do this treatment three to four times daily for two consecutive days.
Or, in a glass of warm water, eat one teaspoon of ginger juice and apple vinegar (apple cider vinegar) and a little honey by mixing everyday. Consume it for at least days and daily.

7. Red chilli (Cayenne Pepper)
Red chilli is analgesic (painkiller) and anti-Inphlametri properties that help to reduce muscle pain, hardness and inflamation.
Mix one teaspoon of red chili powder into three teaspoons of olive oil (olive paraffin). Now, place this mixture in a pain.

Do this treatment for at least two to three.
Or, mix five teaspoons of red chili powder in coconut oil for a half cup. Now heat the mixture and keep it for 24 hours. After 24 hours wash the oil.

Add red chilies in your food, salad or soup.

8. Mehndi leaves (Rosemary)
Dried or fresh, both types of mehndi are anti-Inphlametri propertiess that provide comfort to the muscles and help reduce body pain.
Boil the leaves of 100 gm dried mehndi in eight cups of water.
Then let it cool for 20 minutes to keep up.
After cooling, keep the aching organ immersed for 15 minutes in this mixture.
Do this treatment two-three times daily for two-three days.

9. Mustard oil (mustard Oil)
Mustard oil is a natural rubefacient that enhances blood circulation in the surface of the skin. This reduces the hardness of the Mucles, increases blood circulation and starts to become less painful.  jar.

10. Banana (Banana)
Bananas are considered to be very beneficial in recovering muscle and body pain caused by cramps. A banana is found to have a rich amount of potassium. Lack of potassium may cause muscle weakness, cramping and feeling of fatigue.
Body and eat a cooked charges to heal muscle pain.
You can also intake a banana’s milkashek. It will also give your body potassium as well as calcium, which is essential for healthy muscles.
Whenever you have body and muscle pain, take analgesic pills that place these natural remedies. If the pain is still not cured, check with the doctor.