Tulsi is considered as an Anti Stress Agent & they have most effective benefits for health


Basil (Tulsi) Health Benefits :- 


Basil (Tulsi) are a very fragrant plant. Due to being a pagan plant in Hindus, it is found in almost every house of India. Tulsi is also used as kitchen spices. It is also beneficial for health as well as its use is very popular in Ayurveda and Medical Science. There are many chemical compounds found in basil leaves and flowers, which are considered beneficial in the treatment of various diseases and which help in keeping the body healthy.

Tulsi is a low-calorie herb containing abundant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also provides the body with many essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, K, Manganese, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Omega-3 Fat. All of these nutritious foods help a lot in keeping the body healthy.

Below are the most effective benefits of Tulsi for health :-

Winter cures colds, fever and common cold
Tulsi leaves are common cold-cold, fever and When fever or cold-cold, chew some of the basil leaves and eat it.
In the rainy season, when there is a high probability of dengue and malaria, then boil the fresh and new leaves of Basil with water.
If there is a small fever, add some basil leaves and cardamom powder in one cup of water and boil and prepare decoction. Now take it twice a day. This decoction will help reduce the body temperature.
Provides relief in cough
Tulsi is widely used in making cough syrup. Hence Promotes disease resistance
Regular consumption of fresh basil leaves increases the body’s immune system resistance. Many research has shown that there are many chemical compounds in Tulsi which can increase the body’s infection-fighting antibodies by up to 20 percent. Always take fresh basil leaves to get good results.
Helps reduce depression and anxiety
Tulsi is also considered an Anti Stress Agent. It has been proved by many researches that a lot of money in reducing tulsi stress, anxiety and depression