Constipation home remedies by Ayurveda


Constipation home remedies by Ayurveda :

Constipation home remedies by Ayurveda :

According to Ayurveda:

Constipation is caused by the growth of vata in the body.
According to Ayurveda, people with vata nature are more likely to be constipated.
According to Ayurveda, the basic cause of constipation is our food. If there is a shortage of fiber and liquid disorders in the food then our stool will have trouble getting out of the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Hard Stool:

Taking Enema from lightly hot sesame oil gives immediate relief in strict constipation.
Massage on the stomach with sesame oil also provides relief in constipation.
Massaging the glycerine on the stomach also provides relief in constipation.
Chronic constipation

Chronic constipation

Intake of triphala gives great relief in old constipation.
Take 5 grams (one teaspoonful) of triphala churned with light hot milk or hot water while sleeping at night.
Take two spoons of Triphala and Isabgol husk and take it with lukewarm water in the evening.
Vata Type Body

Taking an enema from lightly hot sesame oil for the vat body, constipation gives relief immediately.
It is beneficial to take the flaxseed bean flaxseed with milk while sleeping at night.

Pitta Body

The cause of constipation in the body of bile is due to inflammation due to excessive bile in the body.
The stomach and the small intestine in the biliary body are two, where the effect of bile duct is most.
Neem is a very suitable herb for bile blight. Its use provides relief in bile duct and small inflammation of the small intestine is less because of which it becomes easy to move the stool.

Kapha Type Body

For those who have cough, the body is focused on controlling the cough in the body.
Basmati rice, raw vegetables and fruits such as apples, bananas and grapes are beneficial.
People with cough should never take laxative stimulants.
Include the dishes that your fibers contain in your diet.